10 Best Cheap Airpod Alternatives

Apple has carved a niche market for itself. Though airpods, launched in 2016, still a first generation wireless earbud, are known to work great. But it certainly has its drawbacks. To start with it is highly expensive, it does not fit all ear types or sizes. It is also not sweat-resistant. So if you need a good ear bud that works for you and does not force to shell out your hard earned money, do consider the fake or lookalike airpods available online.

1. Toplay Wireless earbuds – It is just as white in appearance as the Apple airpod. A little bit bigger in size than the Apple airpods. It looks very good if you are a fan of red and blue lights. It comes with charging case. It has a multi-function button that works by simple tapping. It can be used for pausing and a long press helps skip on tracks. To know more about pairing you can refer to the booklet  that comes with the device. It comes at a very affordable price.

2. Langsdom wireless Bluetooth headphone – Though it does not imitate the apple product when it comes to appearance as it is black in color, it sure does mimic the performance. It also comes with a charging case. The battery life is limited to about 3 hours. It has a great fit for almost all ear types. The sound quality is simply a class apart. The noise cancellation has been arguably the best feature as according to its users.

3. Silipower wireless earbud – This one looks great and perhaps offers the best among Airpods which are not Apple. The range offered by the Bluetooth is about 30feet. You can listen to music on this earbud without any interruption for about 3 hours. It gets charged very fast. Since it is an ergonomically designed product, even children can use it without fear of damaging their eardrums. You can find out the battery status through your phone connected through Bluetooth.

4. NIGEPER Bluetooth Headphones Wireless – It comes in black color. It fits in snugly into your ears. The audio quality is also top-notch. The charging time could have been shorter. But it can play for longer duration of about 3 hours or a bit more making the longer charging duration justified. Easy to clean the mesh or the ear piece. It is also very easy to pair it with almost all commonly available devices. The sensitivity it presents to connectivity makes it a very coveted airpod amongst the replicas of the original Apple product.

5. Godla Wireless in-Ear Headphones – This is surely the one that gives Apple airpod some stiff competition when it comes to performance. It comes in an unimpressive cardboard pack, but that’s great for environment! When you try to pair it with your device, you will see how easily it can be done. listening to music on it is sheer pleasure. Had the music been a little more mellow then it would not have been too distracting. Choose a volume that suits you best. It cuts out noise efficiently.

6. HTK18 Mini Bluetooth Headsets – These earbud are extremely delicate and softer to the touch. You will not feel that something has been plodded in your ears as they are very light. It offers easy pairing. The battery charges almost instantaneously. It comes in a very stylish case. The color offering at the moment is black. The music quality is extremely script, no white noise can be heard. This company also allows various payment options and when it comes to pricing, it could not have been cheaper.

7. Samload Bluetooth earbud – A great looking product with amazing features is what you get when you buy this product. All of this for a very affordable pricing. The charging box not only has a great look to it but also works as a shield to protect against dust mites when not in use. Being light weight, you can forget that you are actually wearing earbuds. They are also quite compatible with android devices and pairing is a brisk even with iPhone. It has great frequency range and noise cancellation is simply superb. The control of volume is also present on the device.

8. Tebaurry Wireless Invisible Bluetooth Ear Pieces – This has become a popular choice for people looking for alternatives to the overly priced Airpod. You can also choose from the color options of white and black. The battery life is very impressive. Comes for a very affordable price, it offers great sound quality. It can be easily paired with any android device. It also offers USB connection. The best feature is that it also has a microphone.

9. HOYAT Mini Bluetooth Stereo Earbuds – The best thing about this great looking product is that, it is water-proof! You can either get black or white as both colors are available. It is extremely convenient to pair this device with most android devices. The battery life is not very bad but could have been better but this lack is made up by efficient and fast charging.

10. Padear Wireless Bluetooth Earphones – This is a highly affordable Airpod replica that delivers clarity in audio quality. It has the appearance of Apple Airpod and of course comes in white. This earphone can easily be paired with any Apple or android device. On the earphone a microphone is also present. It comes in a very attractive case. There are three models that you can choose from. There are power buttons on the device itself for easy control when on the move.

These imitations works just as fine as the Airpod and comes at a much affordable price. These airpods may not exactly look like airpods as they may come in bigger sizes but they all function quite efficiently when it comes to delivering great audio experience. Enjoy a tangle free music experience without drilling holes in your pocket. Apple airpod is extravagantly priced, these alternatives priced reasonably delivers their function quite well.