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10 Mac Mini Compatible Keyboards

by Tyrone Young
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Since the mac mini does not come with a keyboard or even a mouse, you can either get the heavily priced Mac magic keyboard and mouse or explore reasonably priced alternatives. Fortunately, the mac mini supports all types of keyboard or mouse that either has USB or Bluetooth support.

Best MAC Style keyboards for PC

1. Anker Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Keyboard –

One of the most budget friendly keyboard that is currently available in the market. It has adopted the scissor mechanism of the magic keyboard of Apple. This keyboard is easy to use. It is almost as slim as a coin. The super slim aesthetic design adds a special appeal to the keyboard. The battery almost lasts for 3 months, all thanks to the smart power saving mode. It supports wireless Bluetooth connectivity. This keyboard is low-profile so apart from not making sound, it also does not hurt your fingertips.

2. OMOTON Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard –

his keyboard is yet another alternative if you have a tight budget for keyboard for you Mac mini. This wireless, Bluetooth enabled keyboard delivers convenience at your fingertips. The keys are a delight to touch and goes easy for all day long use. the keyboard is not too big or small, it is ideally proportioned for your Mac mini. The layout offers well-paced keys for easy typing. it also has dedicated hot keys to ease performance on the keyboard. The auto sleep mode allows good energy saving and helps with preserving battery life.

3. Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard–

This keyboard is well designed. It is a durable and portable ultra slim keyboard that works through Bluetooth. It is a moderately priced option for anyone to choose, even for a Mac mini, this works great. It is big enough for you to effectively carry out your typing requirements. Being light in weight, it is easy to carry. It has dedicated hot keys. It has illuminated keys and follows flow technology.

4. Nixeus Moda Pro –

This is a great option but certainly not a highly cheap option. The smart tactile design eases fast typing. The durable make of the keyboard is yet another outstanding feature. The aluminum chassis makes it more stronger. It also comes with Mac key caps which helps with your Mac mini handling. If you are using with Mac mini then disable the windows key or vice versa. The instruction manual is quite helpful for any queries. The keyboard however is not as low-profile as would have been expected.

5. iClever GK03 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo –

This keyboard comes with a mouse and all for an extremely reasonable price. It has a very soothing and relaxing, ergonomic design. One of the best in its kind. The well-paced keyboard allows you to spend adequate time on the keyboard. The metal finish also makes it look more attractive. It is wireless and you can work continuously for 90 hours without worrying about recharging the battery. The low-profile, whisper button and intelligent sleep mode makes this keyboard which also comes with a mouse simply irresistible.

6. Rii Mini K12 –

This is a mini keyboard which goes perfectly with your Mac mini. It is quite cheap, certainly cheaper than Apple keyboard. The design is fabulous. It is extremely slim. It has chocolate delicate keys. They are arranged quite closely but that does not cause any problem with typing. the best thing is that it has a touchpad. It is very sensitive and works well with Mac mini. This keyboard is compatible with IOS, Android, Windows as well as Linux. The sleek compatible design and the presence of a touchpad makes it very attractive.

7. TeckNet Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard –

This beautiful black colored keyboard is also illuminated. The small and slim make allows the keyboard to be portable just like your Mac mini. It can be accessed or used through Bluetooth. It supports long duration use, almost up to 200 hours of use is possible. The power saving mode makes your charge and battery last longer. It even has shortcut keys. It is extremely easy to set up with your Mac mini. The finishing of the keyboard is highly appealing. A good quality keyboard for a reasonable price.

8. Anne Pro2 mini portable –

Though this is certainly not a very cheap option for a keyboard for your mac mini, this keyboard is worth every bit of its price. It work as wireless through Bluetooth connection. The design of the keyboard is very friendly for typing even for longer duration. This mini keyboard is very much lightweight, hassle free and easily portable. Being compatible with other system, it is also connectable to devices other than Mac mini. Another great feature is that the backlight is fully customizable. So according to the light of your working space, you can adjust the backlight. It gives you more control and helps in increasing your productivity.

9. New BOW HW098S –

A mini keyboard that has aluminum finishing adding to the style factor. This little keyboard works exceptionally well and comes at a very affordable price. Not just your Mac mini, but other windows and android device is very much workable with this keyboard. The rounded switch makes typing effortless. it has a cable length of 1.5m. The key life is about 300 million times. The space bar is long enough. Being a mini keyboard, it is very much portable.

10. MiOYOOW Portable Wireless Keyboard for Mac –

One of the best and cheapest option available. This keyboard also comes with a mouse. The compact design of the keyboard makes it portable. The keyboard allows easy pressing of buttons. As for the keys, they are very sensitive. Ideal for long duration use as well. It has a sturdy stand and the keyboard is quite durable, appropriate for use as carry on keyboard. The design of the keyboard is very sleek. They are available in three colors, you can choose any one of your liking.

Mac mini works well with many keyboards. However, the list above showcases the ones it works best with and each of it also comes for quite reasonable prices. Try out a new keyboard for your Mac mini today.

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