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Apple Watch Series 5 Hidden Features — Top 10 List

by Tyrone Young

We’re going to be showing you the best hidden features for the brand-new Apple Watch Series 5.

You can now view Safari websites directly from the Apple watch. This is really convenient when you’re trying to ask Siri something. With the new feature, you can actually click the Open Page button and actually get to the web page itself right here on your Apple watch. It’s easy to go to a specific web page right on your Apple Watch.

Brand new to the Apple watch series 5 and watch OS 6 is you now actually have the calculator app right here on your Apple watch. That wasn’t here before. Now that’s not necessarily a hidden feature but the hidden feature is that you can now quickly calculate tips directly using your Apple watch in the calculator app. 

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The next hidden feature we have is actually you have to go to your Apple watch app on your iPhone. If you go to General, you can scroll down until you see enable screenshots. It’s going to allow you to take screenshots from your Apple watch itself. I recommend checking out so with your Apple watch and the screen always being on. That is a great thing but what you can do is you can decide to hide sensitive complications from your watch face. You might want to hide sensitive complications, so if you choose to hide sensitive complications such as your calendar appointments, your heart rate, those could be hidden when you put your wrist down. When you’re not looking at it, other people can’t get catch a glimpse of your sensitive information. This is definitely a hidden feature you’re going to want to look into especially if you’re concerned with somebody’s seeing something that you don’t want them to see.   

The next feature is a little more serious and I encourage to set this up just to be safe. The feature is the emergency SOS and hopefully none would ever need to use this but this could save you from a dangerous situation so I recommend everybody  to set up emergency SOS. You’re going to go into your Apple watch app, and on your iPhone click on emergency SOS. and make sure that you enable automatic dialing. Turn it ON because it might be off by default. Turn ON the automatic dialing in order to call emergency services. Turn on fall detection so that app watch can automatically call emergency services. If it detects that you fall now again it will give you a slight warning beforehand. So it’ll say “do you really want to do that”, like if you’re conscious. You can say “Hey, no”. This is a false alarm, but if you’re unconscious it will automatically call emergency services if you fall and you have the ability to hold the side button. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, all you have to do is press and hold on that side button to call emergency services or if you take a fall and you can’t press and hold that side button the Apple watch will automatically detect that you fell and call emergency services on your behalf. I really think it’s better to be safe than sorry that’s why I recommend going into your Apple watch settings, then to emergency SOS and enabling both the automatic dialing by holding the side button and fall detection. Hopefully never have to use this but I encourage all of you to set this up just in case, just to be safe.

So you probably already knew about the default replies that you have right at the bottom when you’re trying to send a message to somebody on your Apple watch. It makes it so much easier to send a quick message. You got that “Hello, what’s up?”  and it will even automatically give you what’s called smart replies that make sense in the context of a conversation. This is a great way to respond.

Another hidden feature to use is that you can actually create your own custom default replies to show up in the list on your Apple watch. You could do that using your iPhone. There is an option for default replies and smart replies. If we turn it ON, it’ll contextually let you know you know what’s the best reply based on what’s already been said in the conversation. But if you go to the bottom you can see that you can actually add your own reply. 

I definitely recommend testing out the brand new voice recordings app on your Apple watch. You can actually now do voice memos directly from your Apple watch. You can even send off to devices, you can share it and you can also delete as well.

Another new app for watch OS 6 is the Noise app. This actually allows you to measure sound in your area and actually hear how loud the noise is. That way, you can make sure that you’re protecting your ears. You’re staying away from dangerously loud noises that could damage your hearing, so this is a very unique extra app right here on your Apple watch.

One of the first things you’re going to want to try with the new Apple watch is actually tapping the screen in order to get it to tell you the time so just tap with two fingers. You can have it to say the time whenever you want to hear. 

You probably already knew about the ability to ping your iPhone if it’s lost. You can actually just swipe up to the control center. tap on Ping your iPhone and it will have this sound that goes off so that you can be able to find your phone. Let’s say you left your phone at night or in a dark place and you want to be able to find it not just with sound but with light as well. If you press harder, if you 3d touch on the the ping iPhone button you can actually have the light go off on your phone as well making it much easier to find. Just force press on and you can see the flash goes off on your phone making it easier to find at night in the dark.

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