MagSafe power cord burns!

magsafe burned

This was posted onto Flickr by a new MacBook Pro owner. This is what happened:

Left home@8am, macbook on the power cord. Came home@8pm, cable was disconnect (probably by our cats) and connector looked like this. The Macbook was loaded approx 33% so was connected for less than an hour in the morning I guess.
Apple support responded very well (thanks Klaas) and fast. Before I called our local Apple support line, the dutch engineers were already contacted by their US collegues (who saw the pics) to inquire if I already called in. I’m getting a new Macbook asap and I will return my current one. They could not tell me anything on the cause and I wonder if I’ll ever know. This leaves me with one-month newer macbook, some days of frustration, reinstalling some software and some rare macro shots.

There were some cats at home and he suspects that the cats tripped on the wire and pulled it out so the burning stopped. Very strange that this happened, and I think this will have an adverse effect on a lot of people. It would make them think that the MagSafe isn’t safe at all, when I think this was just an unfortunate accident, but how, we don’t know. If it is an Apple defect then it will be straightened out by Apple for sure. Interestingly, Apple told ‘rheauchyr’ (flickr name for the user who this happened to) to remove the images at least “until their engineers had a change to investigate this issue.” Then he went on to say that “Since Apple support has been very helpful and already is getting me a new Macbook asap, I’m happy to answer their request”. I have a good sized photos of the pictures, the main one above and two below. Click to enlarge.

mage safe 3 mage safe 2

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  • dude!
    check out the flicker page apearantly apple had requested him to remove thouse pictures untill their engeniers can have a chance to look in to his probleb /:

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