Sorry I haven’t posted, but WordPress went a bit janky on me and decided to show a MySQL Error every time I tried to post. That, coupled with a lot of schoolwork, meant that I wasn’t able to post. Sorry, I know I haven’t been in the best schedule lately, but I’ll try my best. The error is sorted out now, but it was all down to a stupid quote that I accidentally put in the database, leading wordpress to not recognise the table. I do have plenty of goodies and lots of topics to post on, as well as some MacHeist invites.
On a side not, to those who subscribe via RSS, and don’t visit the site often, the contest is still open, and anyone is free to participate. £10 cash (via paypal / equal money in USD) or a £15 iTunes Music Store voucher is up for grabs. Click here for full details. Contest ends December 2nd.

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