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I think perhaps for most of us this was the most expected announcement made by Apple at MacWorld. With all the buzz flying around, and no solid facts. Though Kevin Rose apparently spilled the details a lot of people were holding his story credible, but it isn’t all true. In fact, most of it is wrong. At the MacWorld keynote, Steve Jobs, explained how they had to keep this a secret for over 2 and a half years. However they managed that, I am truly amazed. The full specs and details are listed below.

  • Single front button
  • 3.5 inch widescreen display, 320 x 480 at 160dpi
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • iPod dock connector
  • Accelerometer to detect the changed between landscape and portrait mode and adjusts the screen accordingly
  • Proximity sensor to turn off the display backlight when you are holding the phone to your head, which saves battery life.
  • 11.6 mm thick
  • Syncs with iTunes
  • 802.11b/g WiFi – Switches seamlessly between WiFi and EDGE whenever you are in/out of coverage
  • Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR and A2DP
  • Cinglar only (US)
  • Visual voicemail – shows a list of your voicemails like you see a list of emails
  • Error correcting with the on-screen keyboard
  • Gestural interface
  • Apple Mail
  • Safari
  • iTunes with intergrated CoverFlow
  • Google Maps
  • Widgets
  • Free Yahoo! IMAP email service to all iPhone purchasers
  • 5 hour video battery life
  • 16 hour audio battery life
  • Runs on Mac OS X*

The 4GB costs $499 and the 8GB $599, which includes a two year contract. It starts to ship in June for the US, 4Q 2007 for Europe and for Australia they see it in 2008 (ouch).

*Though Apple lists the iPhone to run OS X, and what Steve Jobs said, it has been confirmed by an Apple Rep that it will not allow you to install OS X applications. This is a big blow to the device, at least in my opinion. Why would Apple, and Steve Jobs, specifically highlight the fact that it runs OS X when in actual fact, it is a truncated version of OS X, probably incapable of running fully featured applications. This has irritated many people, including myself. Will you not be able to run any applications at all from it, or will Apple release some sort of optimiser to iPhone-ise exisiting applications? From what I know, you will be able to add your own Widgets, or exisiting ones that you can download for the Dashboard.

What are my thoughts on the iPhone? Well I like it. I thing the design is amazing, not just the user interface, but of the phone as well. The ideas that have been incorporated are truly unique and visionary. Apple really has set the bar high this time. What I am annoyed about is not only the lack of 3G, instead uses EDGE (2.5G, Enhanced GPRS), but the fact that it is only coming out in the 4Q of 2007 here. Though I already have my K800i, which is one amazing phone, I don’t know if I could give it up for the iPhone. Though it’s PDA-esque features are nice, what would I do about applications like GPS software (I use TomTom on my PDA) and other 3rd party software I have come to love and enjoy, especially with the news that you can’t install your own applications. The price as well is intimidating. I currently don’t use my phone enough to warrant a Pay Monthly service (I use Pay as you go), but with the 2-year contract, the base price, as well as a monthlu plan that will have to have an unlimited service (how could I not use Safari while on the go?) Not only that, but what service provider will we get out here in the UK. I don’t want some crappy provider like Vodafone or O2. I hate them, I do, more so than Orange, which have the world’s worst customer support.

Scratches? Don’t even get me started, with a massive 3.5 inch screen, this is destined for scratches. You would have to buy a protector/shield for it as well, which is not free, and there is none out there on the market yet for the iPhone. The proximity sensor is truly inspirational, and who else but Apple would come up with something like that. It is nice for Apple to incorporate an accelerometer to switch between the landscape mode and portrait mode in the OS, as well as other functions. I have something similar in my Canon PowerShot A540, which automatically changes the orientation based on how you are holding it. Well done Apple, you have once again succeeded at making me want I product I cannot afford, nor cannot get my hands on until 3/4 of a year later.

Engadget has a lot of photos taken during the keynote, of the iPhone and its interface, as well as fully explaining the demo Steve Jobs gave. You can check that out here.

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  • I’m curious to know about your usage of the K800i. Do you use it to get online via mobile broadband to surf the web etc? If so, does that go via Bluetooth or USB? And what kind of software or changes did you make to the OS to make it work.

    I realise this isn’t a “help” website, but there is no one better to ask than power users about the capabilities of products. I am looking at getting a K800i and I want to use it as my primary modem.

  • To be honest, I don’t use my K800i as a modem. It is possible, as OS X recognises its modem capabilities in Bluetooth preference pane. I haven’t tried, as my mac mini isn’t really portable, and at home we have our WiFi. I did read about an application called launch2net, which allows the easy set up of bluetooth and wired phones as modems, the K800i is listed as a supported device.
    Try the demo verison on their website and see if it works for you:

    Hope I have helped,

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