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Best AirPods Pro Tips and Tricks

by Tyrone Young
airpods pro tips and tricks

The Apple AirPods Pro (along with the original AirPods) were one of the most innovative gadgets that Apple has made. It has shaken the wireless headphones market due to their small, compact and powerful package. The Apple AirPods Pro however is the most unique one on the market as it is the more recent release than its smaller brother, the original AirPods and the AirPods 2. It is however the most high-end AirPods on Apple’s available wireless earphones.

AirPods Pro Tips

It is the only in-ear headphones made by Apple with great features such the Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency Mode, accelerometers, optical sensors and intelligent software. It is water resistance, having an IPX4 rating which is great. The battery is almost the same with the Apple AirPods 2, sporting in at around 5-hours or 4.5-hours if Active Noise Cancellation or Transparency Mode is running as it consumes more battery power. The case of the AirPods Pro is a no exception when it comes to having great feature like wireless charging. Apple AirPods Pro’s support is already available when it was added in iOS 13.2.

airpods pro tips

I am assuming that you have already bought your first Apple AirPods Pro and you are wondering how you will get the most out of it. Today, we are going to talk about those my friend. So, here are the best AirPods Pro tips and tricks that you can use to turn your expectations with the AirPods to a more rich and amazing experience you’ll never forget.

What are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

Airpods Pro Noise Cancellation & Transparency Modes

This is one of the most awesome features that AirPods Pro has. It simply blocks any sound outside, completely immersing yourself into the music only. You can enable it through (Accessibility > AirPods) or through your Apple Watch. Transparency Mode works the same and accessed the same however, it does not block any environment sounds but still retains the music playing.

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Airpods Pro Ear Tip Fit Test

Apple has included two additional sizes of ear tips with the medium size is already installed. It is recommended for you to try them out first, if the ear tips do not fit, swap it out. The Apple AirPods Pro comes in with this interesting feature called the ‘Test the Fit of your Ear Tips’ or ‘Ear Tip Fit Test’ to which you can test if the AirPods are comfortable around your ear by playing audio and determining if it is a good seal. The App will test the Apple AirPods Pro’s audio quality and noise cancellation features to ensure that it is working well, and no stray sounds will come out.

To access this feature, simply open the settings, selecting the Bluetooth tab and tap the ‘I’ next to the name of your AirPods Pro. From there, you can find the Ear Tip Fit Test.

airpods pro tricks

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Airpods Pro Share your Music

What I really like about the AirPods Pro is that you are able to share your music with other AirPods close by. Simply start a music, launch the control center and tap the ‘Share Audio’ button. Your device will then enable open connection so you should bring the other AirPods close by. Once the AirPods has been detected, it is ready to share the music you want.

Airpods Pro Wireless Charging

With the Apple AirPods Pro’s case having wireless charging, it is great to utilize it if you have a compatible device that can charge it. Apple has a wide selection of accessories and wireless chargers to choose from so that’s a great option. An advantage of having a wireless charger is that there’s no hassle of fixing cables which is a huge convenience. You can even check the battery status by just tapping the case. An Awesome hardware feature Apple made!

Airpods Pro Extended Listening Time Trick

Another cool thing about the AirPods is that you can use them only one at the time. Just pull out one and leave the other on the case. The device will connect to your phone as usual. If the AirPod notifies you that it is low on battery, swap it out with the other one. That way you can have an extended listening time although with just one AirPod at a time. It is a great trick.

Airpods Pro Finding your AirPods

In case you run into a situation where you lost your Apple AirPods Pro, Apple has provided an excellent application that lets you track the location of the device. The ‘Find My AirPods’ (contained within the Find My iPhone app) is a helpful application that keeps track of all of Apple AirPods. Simply tap into your app and you’ll see where it is placed last. The application can also note if the device is active and online or not. This is an incredible feature to have in your Apple devices because these AirPods having a slight risk losing due to its small and compact size.

airpods pro tips and tricks

Taking Care of your Apple AirPods Pro

This applies with every gadget we own and love. Since we may use our Apple AirPods Pro almost every day in our lives, dusts and dirt may come in occasionally. This entirely depends on every wireless headphones or earphones user but to have the best quality sound and experience, I strongly suggest that you check your AirPods Pro and clean them when necessary. Cleaning and handling your AirPods Pro properly will not only create the best experience but also to prolong gadget’s life.

So that’s about it for today! Here are the best AirPods Pro tips and tricks that you can use to enhance your overall experience and get the most out of it. One last tip before we finish this awesome read. That tip is to have fun and enjoy the music experience that the AirPods Pro gives out. It is definitely one of the best Apple AirPods out there on the market that offers a lot of features. And if you already have an Apple AirPods Pro or using one already, please let me know what are your experiences and what other tips, tricks and suggestions that you may have and want to share it.

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