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Best CHEAP Multimeter on Aliexpress

by Tyrone Young
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Multimeters aren’t a super popular product (they’re definitely not as ubiquitous as our smartphones) but most self-respecting techies and electronics enthusiasts always make sure to have one handy in case they need to test electrical currents.

Now, you may not be an engineer or someone who works that closely with electronics, but multimeters definitely can come in handy. Whether you need to test a car battery, or check certain electronics to see if everything’s working correctly, a multimeter is a tool with a multitude of uses and applications.

There are a lot of brands and manufacturers out there that make multimeters for a variety of purposes and budgets. Some can go for as much as $100 while the more basic models are available for as low as $5. With all of the options available, it can get difficult for even professionals to figure out which multimeter on the market suits their needs best.

Best Multimeters You Can Buy on Aliexpress

If you’re looking for a high-quality multimeter at great prices, check out the ones available at Aliexpress! We’ve curated the top-performing multimeters available on the platform so that you don’t have to sort through low-quality goods and get right to the best ones available. This list includes a variety of multimeters – some better than others, but all effective – to suit just about any need or budget.

MESTEK DM90 Digital Auto Range Multimeter

From $9.94 on Aliexpress

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The Digital Auto Range Multimeter from MESTEK is hands down the best multimeter available if you’re looking for the ultimate price-to-performance ratio. High-end features and superb build quality and a budget to mid-range price tag combine in the MESTEK Digital Multimeter to create products that will serve you well on any occasion.

Rugged and heavy-duty, the MESTEK Digital Multimeter is capable of several kinds of accurate measurements, with features including meter counts of up to 6000, T-RMS, and Diode functionality for a truly smart multimeter for the more technically-inclined.

One of the best reasons to get the MESTEK Digital Multimeter over the other alternatives available is its unparalleled quality and value. The MESTEK DM90 Series also comes in three different models, which vary by price and available features. The DM90E is the cheaper alternative, with the most basic features. If you want a more standard, professional device, the MESTEK DM90A offers a wider variety of features to cater to more professional needs. If you want the ultimate multimeter from MESTEK, the DM90S offers the ultimate blend of performance and quality, and combines them into a device that you can rely on for even the most complex tasks and conditions.

Apart from standard VOM (volt ohm milliammeter) , the MESTEK D90 Digital Multimeter is also capable of Fire WIre and NCV, AC/DC Current Measure, Voltage Detection, Resistance Detection, Capacitance Detection and Frequency, and more!

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ANENG XL830L Digital Multimeter

From $2.51 on Aliexpress

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The ANENG XL830L Digital Multimeter is the best-selling multimeter on Aliexpress, and for good reason. Featuring a great blend of quality, features, and budget pricing, this multimeter is undoubtedly one of the best multimeters you can buy online or anywhere.

The ANENG XL830L is a heavy-duty multimeter that’s built to last, and designed for use in even the most challenging conditions. It’s rugged design helps it sit comfortably in your bag, your trunk, or your toolkit, so you don’t ever have to worry about carrying it around with you wherever you go.

In terms of capabilities and functionality, the ANENG XL830L holds its own even against pricier alternatives. The bright backlit LCD Display is easy to read in all kinds of light conditions, with large fonts to better facilitate accurate readings. With all kinds of modes and features that allows it to read AC/DC Voltage, DC Current, Resistance, Audible Continuity, Diode & Transistor Verification, and more, this multimeter is a great buy for anyone who wants a professional-grade tool at low, low prices.

Available on Aliexpress for just $2.51 – although you can get it for as low as $0.01 depending on available sales and discounts – the ANENG XL830L Digital Multimeter is a professional tool that every bit deserves its spot as the best-selling multimeter on Aliexpress.

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Junejour Digital Pocket Multimeter

From $2.48 on Aliexpress

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The Junejour Digital Pocket Multimeter was designed with portability in mind, and with its small form-factor, lightweight materials, and superior build quality, those looking for a multimeter that they can carry around in their pocket need not look any further.

Made by the same company that produces the ANENG XL830L, the Junejour Digital Pocket Multimeter prides itself in accurate measurements and reliable functionality.

However, since its smaller and more lightweight, the Junejour Digital Pocket Multimeter does lack some more advanced features. Despite its portability and suitability for all kinds of on-the-go measurements, this multimeter is more suited for beginners than professionals in the field. That said, you can still get plenty of mileage from this device since it has most of features you would need to conduct professional electrical measurements, including Buzzer, AC/DC Current, Voltage, Resistance, Diode, and Triode, so if that’s all you need out of a multimeter, there is no reason not get the Junejour Digital Pocket Multimeter for all of your testing needs.

Another reason why the Junejour Digital Pocket Multimeter is so popular among all kinds of customers is its user-friendliness. Unlike other multimeters that astound anyone who isn’t too knowledgeable about electronics, this device comes with a plethora of features to make it more accessible and usable by even absolute beginners. These features include the Low Voltage Alerts that automatically let you know when the power measurement is too low.

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Richmeters RM113D NCV Digital Multimeter

From $4.80 on Aliexpress

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While some professionals swear by certain brands for quality, durability, and reliability, a great many professionals working in the field agree that most multimeters are the same, so just get the one that you like most. If you want a multimeter that’s a great budget option, with all the features you’d expect from a pricier, higher-end model, then check out the Richmeters RM113D NCV Digital Multimeter.

Powered by a smart dual-core CPU, the Richmeters RM113D NCV Digital Multimeter is capable of so much and such high speeds, while maintaining accuracy and reliability in all of its measurements. The Richmeters RM113D NCV Digital Multimeter can measure all kinds of important readings, including variable frequency voltage (VFC), T-RMS, ambient temperature, NCV, voltage, current, resistance, and more. It even comes with a built-in lighting function, and several types of alarms and alerts to let you know exactly what’s going on with what you’re working with.

Available for just $4.80 on Aliexpress, the Richmeters RM113D Digital Multimeter is an electrician’s dream come true. With a low-budget price tag yet a whole bunch of big-budget features, the Richmeters RM113D has everything you need in a multimeter.

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HABOTEST New Generation Smart Multimeter

From $25.50 on Aliexpress

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If you’re not afraid to spend big money on one of the smartest, most advanced, and most intuitive multimeters available, then it might be worth it to consider the HABOTEST New Generation Smart Multimeter. While there’s a lot going on under the hood – a lot of advanced features and functions – one of the most striking things about this multimeter is how it looks and handles exactly like a smartphone.

Featuring a sizable 2.88” display while managing a super-slim form-factor that’s only 1.9-cm thick, the HABOTEST Smart Multimeter comes with all of the standard functions you need from a multimeter, plus some great high-end features like non-contact voltage detection, easy battery replacement, and a built-in LED flashlight for use in any situation.

The HABOTEST Smart Multimeter has all the bells and whistles, and is definitely the next step in multimeter technology, with design aspects borrowed from the way we use smartphones today. However, with its higher brand of technology, the HABOTEST Smart Multimeter is also one of the more expensive multimeters available, so don’t forget to check it out on Aliexpress where you can get the best deals and discounts.

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Are Aliexpress Multimeters Good?

Aliexpress may not be the go-to place for the highest-end electronics, but for something simple and spartan like a Multimeter, it’s probably one of the best places to shop. Aliexpress products are all about that sweet, sweet price-to-performance ratio – so while their products perform well and are above-par in terms of overall quality and build, they still manage to keep their prices low by not spending so much on marketing, research, and development.

Another thing to consider is that different purposes require different tools, and sometimes, a multimeter that could be great for one kind of job might not be optimal for another. These multimeters mentioned here in our list will serve you well on any occasion, but to get the best value – the best bang for your buck – figure out what’s important to you. Is it portability? Versatility? Is it price, quality, durability?

Granted, not all Aliexpress products are great – and not all of their multimeters are equal, either. That’s why we came up with this list of the Best Aliexpress Multimeters – so you can find only the best of the best multimeters available with tried-and-tested qualities that have satisfied customers around the world. Plus, it’s going to be a lot cheaper than the standard brands available on standard retail platforms.

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