Best Mini Table Saw UK

Best Mini Table Saw UK – My Honest Review

If you’re looking for the best mini table saw, you’ve come to the right place. These reliable devices are perfect for wood-working professionals or those who have taken up woodworking as a hobby.

A sub-standard table saw can easily ruin your work, resulting in a complete waste of time and resources. Now, that’s something which would tick off anyone whether you’re a beginner or professional.

With so many table saws in the market, it’s possible that you just might pick the wrong one for your work. So, to make it easier I have compiled a list of the top 5 best mini table saws in the UK that would suit any budget or need. These tools are built to last and are considered a worthwhile investment.

So without further ado, here is my take on the best mini table saw UK.

  • Dewalt (DW745) Mini Table Saw
  • Scheppach 240V 8-inch Mini Table Saw
  • Makita 2704 260mm Mini Table Saw
  • NovelLife 795 Mini Table Saw
  • Proxxon Micromot Mini Table Saw

What should I Look For When Buying a Mini Table Saw

Before delving into the world of table saws, there are few things you will have to consider so you end up with the table saw that’s ideal for your task at hand. You can consider these points when looking to buy a table saw.

Blades – Considered to be one of the most important components of the table saw, after all, the blade is the one unit that does most of the work. Table saws normally come with carbide or tungsten tips making them long lasting and durable thus increasing the quality of your finished cut. You will have a range of blades to choose from depending on the type of work you’re into, you can pick up either the wood blade or one that’s ideal for steel or if you want to go all out, there’s a blade that can work on wood, steel and other materials.

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Fence – A fence is nothing but a metal barrier that comes attached to the side of the table saw. It’s this barrier that allows you to perform straight cuts and can be adjusted according to the size of the piece you’re going to cut.

Miter Gauge – A miter gauge is quite similar to the fence but instead it helps you make angled cuts and cross cuts into the material you’re working on. A typical miter gauge can pivot 45 degrees either side of the tabletop and you can easily use these angles to perform a variety of cuts.

Safety Features – Finally, before you pick up a mini table saw, make sure it comes with adequate safety features so there are no accidents. Make sure the mini table saw comes with an easy to access power switch, blade guard and even a push stick. Try picking one that uses some form of protection against kickbacks.

Best Mini Table Saw UK

In order for you to excel at your hobby, I’m listing out the top 5 best mini table saws that you can buy in the UK. These are portable, affordable and once we’re done listing out the best of the best i’ll take you through what all to keep in mind while buying a mini table saw so you get the right one for your needs.

Here are the best mini table saw UK

Best Mini Table Saw UKSpecificationsLink
Dewalt (DW745) Mini Table SawMotor Power: 1300W
Blade Type: 24 tooth Series 30 Saw Blade
Check it out on Amazon
Scheppach 240V 8-inch Mini Table SawMotor Power: 1200W
Blade Type: 210mm Carbide Tipped Blade
Check it out on Amazon
Makita 2704 260mm Mini Table SawMotor Power: 1650W
Blade Type: 260mm TCT B-05072 Blade
Check it out on Amazon
NovelLife 795 Mini Table SawMotor Power: 96W
Blade Type: 3″ HSS circular saw blade; 2.4″ diamond saw blade; 3″ alloy steel saw blade
Check it out on Amazon
Proxxon Micromot Mini Table SawMotor Power: 230V
Blade Type: 85mm Tungsten Tipped Saw Blade
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Dewalt (DW745) Mini Table Saw

Best Mini Table Saw UK

The Dewalt is a lightweight and compact table saw that combines two important qualities making it durable and effective. This 250mm mini table saw comes with a steel roll cage that protects the saw from damage and is equipped with a rack and pinion fence system, a front and rear fence lock and large scales for improved accuracy.

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It runs on a powerful high-performance 1300W motor and uses a fence system with 610,, of rip capacity allowing you to cut even large sheets to size. It even comes with a cast tabletop design for added precision and is equipped with an overload protection system that permits you to cut wet, dry or even frozen wood.


Motor Power1300W
Blade24 tooth Series 30 Saw Blade
Rip Capacity610mm
Dimensions & Weight85.4 x 68.4 x 37.6 cm; 22Kg

Check it out on Amazon

Scheppach HS80 8-inch Mini Table Saw

Best Mini Table Saw UK

This wonderful mini table saw from Scheppach is pretty neat and is designed to provide the user with maximum mobility and it even doesn’t require much space, so it can easily be stored in your garage. It’s perfect for hobbyists and those learning to work with wood and is able to cut a variety of angles.

The Scheppach HS80  runs on a powerful 1200W motor that offers a cutting depth of 48mm. There’s even a foldable extension table that allows you to adjust the size of the table to suit your workspace and larger pieces of wood. The blade running on this mini table saw is carbide tipped and has a safety guard so you don’t injure yourself.


Motor Power1200W
Blade210mm carbide tipped blade
Cutting Depth48mm
Dimensions & Weight52.5 x 40 x 40 cm; 15Kg

Check it out on Amazon

Makita 2704 260mm Mini Table Saw

Best Mini Table Saw UK

Makita is a well known name in the power tool industry and one of their most compact table saws is the 2704L. This 1650W mini table saw is capable of running at 4800 rpm and can easily cut an 8ft x 4ft sheet of wood. This table saw comes equipped with a soft-start button and anti-restart functions.

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It has a cutting angle of 90 degrees with 93mm depth and 45 degrees with a 64mm depth. The blade on this bad boy is a 260mm TCT B-05072 that is made from high-grade materials and is long-lasting. With this table saw you will have a rip fence, a push stick, a single 22mm wrench and a 19mm offset wrench.


Motor Power1650W
Blade260mm TCT B-05072 blade
Cutting Depth93mm, 64mm
Dimensions & Weight91.5 x 83.5 x 38 cm; 45.5Kg

Check it out on Amazon

NovelLife 795 Mini Table Saw

The NovelLife mini table saw runs on a 96W motor that is ideal for all types of craft work and wood related projects. While it’s not ideal if you’re a professional working with large sums of wood on a daily basis, this little sciency looking thing can be adjusted between 0-20mm in height and is equipped with a 3” alloy saw blade allowing you to cut circuit boards, wood, balsa, PVC and so on.

With a load-free speed of 3800 rpm, this mini table saw is compatible with a few different saw blades such as the 3” HSS Circular saw blade, the  2.4” Diamond saw blade and the 3” Alloy steel saw blade. It’s compact and can easily be carried thanks to the lightweight materials used in it. With this mini table saw, you get to learn how to use it effectively before switching over to a slightly larger model.


Motor Power96W
Blade3″ HSS circular saw blade, 2.4″ diamond saw blade, 3″ alloy steel saw blade
Load-free Speed3800 RPM
Dimensions & Weight35.8 x 25.8 x 12.4 cm; 2.4 Kg

Check it out on Amazon

Proxxon Micromot Mini Table Saw

Best Mini Table Saw UK

The Proxxon Micromot is a mini table saw that uses an 85mm, 24 tooth tungsten blade and is rated as one of the best to use when it comes to work that requires accuracy and precision. It offers a cutting depth of between 1-22mm and can be tilted at an angle of 45 degrees allowing you to easily finish your angular cuts.

Made from die-cast aluminum, this mini table saw is lightweight and weighs hardly 6Kgs making it a great addition to any garage. It runs on a 230V 7000RPM motor that uses low-noise drive technology so you don’t disturb your neighbors. Ideal for all kinds of materials such as plastic, wood, foam and glass-fiber, the Proxxon Micromot mini table saw is capable of delivering smooth-finish cuts and if required you can even swap out the 10mm blade for one that’s between 50-85mm depending on the workload.


Motor Power230V
Blade85mm Tungsten tipped saw blade
Load-free Speed7000 RPM
Dimensions & Weight35 x 24 x 37.5 cm; 6 Kg

Check it out on Amazon

Takeaway – Buying mini table saws

Picking the best mini table saw means you would have to consider what you’re going to be using your new equipment for. Whether you’re looking for one that can be taken along with you to your job site or one that can be kept in the confines of your home, we got you covered.

The best mini table saw UK in my opinion would be the Dewalt but since it’s a tad bit expensive (considering it’s durable and lightweight) I would say that the best all-rounder is the Proxxon Micromot as it is super lightweight and compact with a high powered motor allowing you to cut a range of materials.

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