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How to spot Fake Airpods Pro

by Tyrone Young
how to spot fake airpods pro

The new AirPods Pro are an absolute marvel of technology – pushing everything we’ve accepted about true wireless stereo to brand-new heights. Although the AirPods Pro is a great product enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people around the world, there’s no denying that it, not unlike other Apple products, comes at a premium price tag.

how to spot fake airpods pro

While the chinese clone market has been very, very busy coming up with the latest super copies that do their best to be cheap, but not too terrible, imitations of the original AirPod Pro, there’s still nothing quite like saving up and getting a pair of original, authentic AirPods Pro and witnessing the Apple difference first hand.

However, with all of the copies and clones available today – and especially considering how well-made the latest super copies have been getting – there is the increasing risk and possibility of being sold a fake pair of AirPods Pro for authentic-level prices. We love the chinese Hi-Fi and the new heights it’s bringing to the industry – no judgement there – but when consumers are getting swindled out of their hard-earned money and getting cheap copies instead of authentic AirPods, we knew we had to do something about it.

In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know on how to spot fake AirPods Pro, so you can always make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Before You Buy AirPods Pro: Fake vs. Real

how to tell airpods pro fake
Image reference: BestAliProducts.com

The biggest problem right now is that there’s just literally hundreds of brands under the Chi-Fi flag that are continuously churning out clones and copies of AirPods Pros of varying quality. And while this is good news for people who don’t want to spend too much money on tech but still get the latest features and upgrades, there’s also a lot of people who are taking advantage of it by peddling their copies as authentic. If you don’t want to fall prey to these con artists, consider the following factors before you make an AirPods Pro purchase.


Price may not be the most effective way at figuring out whether or not a pair of AirPods Pro are fake or authentic, but it’s still something to consider. The AirPods Pro are available on the Apple Store and its partners for $249 USD (S$379 SGD), but with the existence of sales, promos, discounts, and of course, the availability of second-hand AirPods Pro, you’ll likely find lots of options available that are well below the list price.

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So, how do you use price to determine whether or not a pair of AirPods Pro are authentic? There’s no absolute method that uses price, but with the right amount of knowledge, you’ll be able to discern for yourself whether or not your purchase is authentic. If you find a pair of AirPods Pro for sale at very low prices, it would be pertinent to ask – why is the price so low? Typically, Apple product prices drop right before the next generation drops, but they also drop for other reasons. In-store sales, mall-wide discounts, and many other factors contribute to price drops.

Check out our price guide for Airpods Pro clone here.

Labels & Packaging

The Chinese clone market has gotten better and better at imitating authentic Apple packaging, but they still haven’t managed to replicate it perfectly. When purchasing a pair of Apple AirPods Pro, it would be good to have reference images of actual authentic packaging so you know that you’re buying the real deal. Important factors to check out are:

how to spot fake airpods pro packaging

Image from EverythingApplePro on Youtube

Packaging Color

The authentic Apple AirPods come in the classic white Apple packaging. These boxes are typically a clean white, while knock-off brands and clones are often packaged in varying types of white, usually off-white with a yellowish tinge.

Labels and Information

No matter where you are in the world, Apple product packaging remains uniform. That means labels, information, and other kinds of information are always the same and are always in the same place. If you have a reference image of a box of AirPods Pros, you can use it to determine the authenticity of the AirPods Pro you’re about to purchase. Mislabels, misprints, and misplaced details are tell-tale sign that those AirPods are fake.

Snug Fit

Apple packaging has a distinct vacuum seal that makes the box fit snugly together. If your box of AirPods Pros comes off loosely and easily without much effort, then chances are they’re not authentic.

Sound Quality

Chinese Hi-Fi has gone to great lengths to make their audio quality as close to par with authentic AirPods as possible, but they’re not 100% there yet. Even the most staunch audiophiles rave about how great the sound quality on the AirPod Pro are, so if you have the opportunity to test AirPods Pro before you buy, look out for any signs of inferior audio, and chances are they’re fake.

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The Apple AirPods Pro were designed to connect seamlessly to your iPhone. It’s something that’s been rigorously tested and improved upon to give you unfettered speed and seamless connectivity. The AirPods Pro are powered by Apple’s patented W1 chip, making them capable of super-fast pairing with your device, as well as longer-range connectivity compared to present-day bluetooth capabilities that you’ll find in other devices.

Tips & Tricks to Spot Fake AirPods Pro

how to tell if airpods pro are fake

Image from Redskull on YouTube

If you already have a pair of AirPods Pro and want to accurately gauge whether or not they’re authentic, then here are some of the most popular and most effective tips and tricks to help you spot fake AirPods Pro from a mile away.

Check the Serial Number

serial number can be fake on airpods pro clone

Apple is a multi-billion dollar company that operates in almost every free country in the world – even a few countries that aren’t that free – so it makes sense that they have a robust system to verify the authenticity of their products. If you want to find out whether or not your AirPods Pro are authentic, then method is the 100% most effective way to accurately determine if your AirPods are fake or real. Here’s what you need to do:

Visit the Apple Coverage Check Website

Click the link in the header above, or just type in checkcoverage.apple.com in your browser’s URL bar, and it’ll take you to the Apple Coverage Check website. One cool thing about this service is that it’s the same no matter where you are, or no matter where you bought your Apple product. If it’s the genuine article, then you’ll be able to find it one this website. All you need is your serial number.

Finding Your Serial Number

On the AirPods Pro, finding your serial number shouldn’t be too hard, especially if they’re authentic. There are two ways to discern your serial number. One is to check the charging case, like in the image below:

how to check it airpods pro are real by serial number

Image from HardReset.Info on YouTube

If you don’t have a charging case, don’t worry! Just connect your AirPod Pro to your iPhone like you normally do, and then go to Settings > Bluetooth and look up your AirPods Pro. Go into Info by clicking the ‘i’ button, and you’ll find a list of details regarding your AirPods Pro. There, you’ll find the serial number, like in the image below:

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Look Up Your Serial Number on Apple Coverage

One you have your serial number, you can use it to do a search on the Apple Coverage Check website, and you’ll be one click away from finding out if your AirPods Pro are authentic or not. Do the search, and when you get the results, double check the model, and if everything looks good – congratulations! Your AirPods Pro is authentic.

Can’t Find Your Serial Number?

If you can’t find your serial number using the two methods listed above, then it’s most likely because your AirPods Pro are fake. Likewise, if you do have a serial number, but the Apple Coverage Check website failed to return any or the proper results, then unfortunately, your AirPods Pro are definitely fake.

Listen for the Voice Notification

If the Serial Number method is a little too much work, there’s also this popular method, which isn’t as accurate but can be done in seconds. Apple AirPods clones typically have voice notifications that let you know whenever your AirPods connect to your phone or other device. Usually, these will say “Bluetooth Device Connected”, or “Device Connected Successfully”. If you’re hearing this from your AirPods Pro, then they’re not authentic.

Apple AirPods Pro does make a sound notification upon pairing, but it’s just the standard Apple beep, not a voice notification.

Check for Easy Pairing

While clones and copies have also gotten better at mimicking the fast-pairing characteristics of Apple AirPods, this feature generally gets screwed up on fake AirPods whenever Apple releases a significant update. If your AirPods Pros suddenly have trouble connecting to your iPhone, or if the pairing speed has slowed down significantly over time, then it’s most likely because they’re not authentic.

Good luck in choosing the REAL Airpods

There you have it for our guide on How to Spot Fake AirPod Pro! We hope you found this guide helpful, and maybe you can use this knowledge to make sure you don’t accidentally buy a pair of fake AirPods Pros. Check back with us again soon for more content like this about the latest gadgets and tech.


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