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i200 TWS Copy vs Airpods 2 Review 1:1 SuperCopy Best Fake Clone

by Tyrone Young

Hey guys! Welcome back to TheMiniBlog reviews. We’re going to be doing a fairly quick review today. This is the i200 TWS and this is the real Apple earpods 2nd generation wireless charge. It’s going to be a fairly quick review today so I’m just really going to be covering the main differences.

For those who are looking for a bit more of a in-depth I200 TWS review, you can click on that link up there in the corner so this is going to be a bit of a short one so straight away the boxes are fairly similar but obviously, you can see the differences.

I’m pretty plain and clear there. It’s good that these boxes are sent in non- logo marked boxes though because a lot of the time i do know that when i ordered stuff to the Fenian logo boxes and customs from my country have sent me letters saying you know we’ve destroyed the package of the your order so sorry.

Why does that happen? Customers basically destroys packages at the border that is sent in IP theft mark boxes like this because that is illegal to send boxes it isn’t from Apple direct so if anybody I guess says hey you know get a box that looks like that um you might get it but at the end of the day you are running the risk that somebody from customs will destroy that. In my opinion, it’s just not a great idea.

Anyways, as I said, the box is a little bit of a difference there once we get to opening them up though the differences rapidly disappear this has the designed by Apple in California manual this one does not take the manual away and now here’s the part where yeah it gets pretty tough so forget about the boxes and the casings that it came in there isn’t really much difference between the two of these realistically.

Price: $21

I mean they are a one-to-one in size the only difference that I would say is probably and realistically it’s to be expected from clients but realistically, the hinge on this maybe just leaves a bit of a discernible gap, whereas, this one is probably just tiny bit more flush but for the most part yeah the most pilots pretty spot-on both of them obviously have the lightning connector charge; both of them wirelessly charge open up the cases like that they’ve both got the writing under the lid.

As you can see, this one’s green light the client green light actually shines a little bit brighter than the real apple light so I’ll just show that again that’s the clone light or at least I think it’s the clone so the green light there shines fairly bright and the Apple one is a bit more of a subdued green so that’s a bit of a difference there. On the back, this is the real one so on the back as you can see it’s got a bit of a brushed-matted brush finish designed by Apple in California assembled in China and then we’ll have a look at the clone one again.

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It also has a brushed steel finished designed by Apple in California assembled in China the buttons on the back of the case are in the same location for both of them so realistically like it’s pretty identical there. I guess if I was to sort of point out any obvious differences it would really just be that the hinge is a little bit different between the two of them this is obviously a bit more of a flush fit and this one is maybe like you know 97% spot-on it’s not quite as flush as the Apple one but having said that this thing costs like $70 and this thing costs like a hundred and ninety nine dollars so you have to be pretty realistic with your expectations and I think given that essentially your average person is going to say that looks identical.  I think I’d rather save the money then spend 199 dollars on this in terms of the sound.

I don’t really have any audio clips to show you guys but these ones I’ve sort of owned for quite a number of weeks now. These ones I do use on the off and on one thing that I can say in terms of the audio quality is the two of them are the same. I’ve used them both at different periods of time and the audio quality on the real one and the quality on the fake one, it’s the same. I am honestly struggling to tell the difference. I’m not saying that those amongst you may not be able to tell the difference because you know some people are like heavy into music.

I myself I’m us they just used them for watching movies there’s no lag from my perspective when I’ve been using them to watch movies on say like the Netflix app or anything like that in terms of Spotify or Apple music again it’s all been fine so from my perspective. I have not been able to notice any difference in terms of sound quality between the two of them one other thing which I did sort of start to notice after a while and I just want to just want to give everybody a bit of the example of what I’m talking about here.

So let’s see. This one’s the real one so the real one weighs 48 grams and the Klein one weighs 43 grams 48 grams 43 grams like when I was first using the clone one. I did start to notice that it was quite heavy in the hand compared to some other ones that I’ve tried before. This is actually quite a heavy clone and one of the reasons why that feels ice is anybody that’s actually got real Apple earpods knows that it’s got a really premium feel on the plastic; the hinge etc feels good the snap and the white in the hand feels like you bought something that’s valuable.

This thing is almost just as heavy as the actual real thing like it feels pretty premium in the hand the plastics are the plastics are. I would say about 90% the same as the real airpods. You can feel the real airpods is a bit sort of slicker under your fingers but these ones are about 90%. They’re like it’s really really tiny differences there so like to be honest, this is in my opinion probably the the most perfect line that I’ve definitely reviewed so far and unlike others.

I’m not going to throw that around and say this is the most perfect clone guys every single video that I make because they can’t all be perfect this one having said that I think I’m going to give it top marks as being the perfect clone for now.

Why do I say that?  It has to pop up just like the real air pod. They’re almost as heavy as the real airpods. They look identical to the real airports. They’ve both got the you know, Apple branding on the back.  They’ve both got the matted steel finish they’ve both got the writing under the case and under the earbuds themselves so realistically it’s exactly the same as the real airpods. It weighs almost exactly the same as well the sound is identical so if you’re going to call anything the perfect clone it’s the I200 TWS because it has done everything that the real airpods do the only thing that is the main functional difference between the two of them is on the real air pods you can walk around. I can’t say the whole thing on my phone is gonna pop up but yes, you will get the pop up on this one and you can give it instructions, record diary events etc that doesn’t work on the clone ones that’s the only functional difference between the two of them realistically.

Although I had heard that there’s going to be one coming out that does add that but for the time being, this is without a shadow of a doubt the most perfect copy that you can get the I200 TWS. I mean come on, just have a look at that and in terms of the strength of the magnet yeah you can’t really accidentally pop them out.

I’ll shut up now so you guys can hear the hinge so yeah it’s got a pretty good satisfying snap sound of it it weighs almost the same this was 48 grams this was 43 grams. I will show you the pop up because I meant to. I meant to show it earlier in the video and then I sort of got myself distracted so well just gonna bring my iPad over here so we’ll open up a clone one just give it a few moments not your air pods and that says connect hold the button down pops up real proper lettering click done and then it pops up with the accurate left; the right and the case just the same as the real ones so the real ones.

I’m not going to go through the whole connection process but you open up the real ones to give it a few moments exactly the same like come on how close can you possibly get weighs almost the same looks the same feels the same sounds, the same writing, same brush-steel finish; both lightning connectors both wireless charge like realistically and I know like sort of back in the i-10 or the i-12 days that there was some pretty substantial differences between the real air pods and the fake ones but this one the I 200 T WS is absolutely king.

I can’t speak for the I200 TWS that is made by everybody but the AI 200 T WS that the pods base sends me, looks like this. I don’t really know what the other I200 TWS look like or what they sound like but this one is the most legit premium one that I’ve ever put my hands on and I think given the tests that I’ve showed you guys today and what I’ve talked about it’s pretty damn obvious that this is 70 US dollars versus 199 US dollars the perfect clone.

Price: $21

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