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i500 TWS AirPod Clone Earbuds – REVIEW

by Tyrone Young
i500 tws review

Apple earpods for the price of a burger? Let’s check it out.

TheMiniBlog is here doing a review. You’re thinking okay, Apple earpods? I can see that but they’re not actually Apple earpods; they look the same. They function the same; they even actually sound pretty darn nice.

The Air i500 TWS pop-up wireless earbuds are basically a Chinese knockoff of the Apple air pod. Now, they’ve put a ton of engineering into trying to duplicate every single function of this and it’s really fascinating to see how well they’ve done and you will be startled. I kid you not, shocked and startled at how inexpensive they are these are a tiny fraction of the cost of Apple earpods but are they as good and is this something we should be endorsing because obviously Apple spends billions of dollars on research to create great products and when other companies use their technology without licensing it, this is not necessarily good for the overall ecosystem.

In fact, I’ve spent years ignoring these sort of products because I’ve really wanted to see innovation not duplication but finally I knuckled under and I said you know what let’s give these a check out so these I five hundreds have in-ear sensors so when you take them out they pair and when I put them in my ear they’re ready to roll they even have in-ear sensors so if I take it out of my ear it will pause you can listen to them separately or together they even use a clone of the h1 chip which is the fast pairing chip that supports bluetooth 5.0 not only that but when you have men you can just say hey Siri and your earbuds will give that data to the phone and you’ll be able to use that too amazing.

Independent earbud use means I can just put one in so if I’m gonna make phone call or something I can just have one ear in and that works perfectly fine and that guy said they’d Auto pair and auto disconnect and I want you to see this is oops let’s get the back there we can come on you can do it it even talks to the phone in a way where the phone believes these are actual Apple earpods so as you can see in this inset it shows me battery charge pure bud shows me the connection gives me all the animation really the phone has no idea these aren’t the real things which honestly is reverse engineering.

I asked the company how are you getting the iPhone to think this is our actual proper and legal act Apple earpods and they said well, we duplicate all the functionality and this is like hmm, do you pay for the license for that technology and the answer is they don’t really do that so there’s sort of a moral and ethical question here too as to whether or not you want to acquire these.

I thought I’d still be interesting to actually check them out so they support here’s one of the other cool things especially given the price they support wireless charging so this is the fantastic OtterBox otter pads so this is a wireless Qi charging plate and if I put these on here it will actually start charging the air bots air pups and fantastic right.

So as a price comparison the real honest-to-god second generation, Apple earpods with wireless Qi charging are a hundred and ninety-nine bucks that is way more expensive than these are.

Let me show you what’s in the box then we’ll talk about the sound and then finally we’ll talk about the price so box comes with apparently a variety of different things. The version that I got literally just has a charging cable; tha lightning cable. There are other versions of this that seem to come with extra case. It comes with ear tips. You know all sorts of different stuff so I’m not really clear my guess this is you know sort of my theory is that the factories that actually make the pods for apple also sort of moonlight by making these other ones and so there’s different packaging variations but you know this is so close to the real thing from Apple but you could  probably sucker someone into thinking these are actual air pods and really rip them off.

If you’re buying these sort of things on Craigslist, be super careful, because you could buy this for, and I’ll just tell you upfront , $11.99. $11 actually, no $11.50 right you can buy these for 11 bucks and then sell them to someone for 99 bucks is a half off the price of wireless charging air pods. Honestly they’d never even know so okay now in the box like I said this one’s disappointingly slim but there’s other versions that seem to have a lot more stuff in them. You still have that fundamental design of the air pods where they just fit in there; one size fits all and if that’s not the right size for your ear,.oh well, that’s the way it is that’s sort of an inherent limitation with the design but having said that let me just say these sound really good I was actually really impressed and not only did they sound really good but they actually have a really nice set of functionality and they sound good for phone calls.

You know are they as good as the Apple earpods probably not.  I think the air pods have better sound and better voice but these particularly given the price are entirely reasonable alternatives especially for like kids who are likely to lose them or something right so no latency I tried watching some TV watching some YouTube and stuff everything’s perfectly fine.

The phone calls sounded decent but the music actually sounds good. There’s a crisp precision to the sound on these that surprised me again given the price first I you know I thought these were about 50 bucks and I’m like ,pretty darn good price for something that’s sort of ripoff of a $200 product but then I found these like I said for way less than that at which point you realize that having them sound other than horrible is amazing and they actually sound really good.

You know are they fantastic, not really. There’s a lot of inherent problems with having one-size-fits-all earbuds but for that, they still actually do a nice job of music reproduction and because they’re working off a Bluetooth five, they give you a lot of range and they’re consistently paired. I never had a problem where one ear was working in the other ear wasn’t; that’s super annoying. Bluetooth five really fixes that and I was walking probably 15 to 20 feet away from my phone and they were still working just fine and streaming music without any issues at all so props to them; good sound, amazing duplication of functionality and the packaging.

The design itself obviously is pretty much an exact duplicate of what you’d get from Apple even down to the lightning connector and a lightning cable which means that the lightning cable also undoubtedly is an unlicensed little tiny chip in the lightning connector to make it work too.  Oh my gosh! You know as long as you’re willing to play a little fast and loose with that intellectual property, this is what you can get out of the deal.

Now, before I tell you the price and we talked about that a little bit let me just ask if you can subscribe to my channel. I hope this video clearly demonstrates I’m really honest and candid. I will tell you the pros and the cons and I look at a lot of different products and in fact, you know I’ve been using my iPhone 10s by the time I get to my next video on the channel. It will be an iPhone 11 Pro so I keep up and that means you can keep up too so subscribe click that button really appreciate that and leave me a comment.

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Will you be willing to consider buying a cheap knockoff knowing that there’s no license fees that have been paid to the original designer and inventor of all of this technology eg Apple? Or, do you feel like apples so overpriced that anything you can do to get Apple technology that doesn’t require you having to get a loan that the bank is a good deal so let me know. Tell me either way.

Okay these let me just pull them out and you know here’s a close-up so you can see exactly what the air pods look like I mean they are really the spitting image of what Apple has so these air I five hun tws pop-up wireless earbuds are $11.50 at Aliexpress.com and you can look around you might even be able to find him for less than that that’s crazy including shipping to the USA that’s under 15 bucks. I mean, if someone came to me and said hey I got these air pod knockoffs for 15 bucks, I’d be like, nope, not interested but you know what they’re not bad at all so really I feel like your decision to acquire these might be more of an ethical question than it is a financial question which is kind of unusual in the world of Apple products because pretty much when you buy stuff from Apple it’s a financial question right?

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