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iOS 13.1 Beta 2 & Public Beta is Out – What’s New

by Tyrone Young

Apple has released iOS 13.1, developer beta 2. This beta 2 for iOS 13.1 comes a week later after Apple releasing iOS 13.1 beta 1. The first thing I want to mention is that things are getting a little confusing. If we head on over to Apple’s developer portal, we will find all the betas that Apple is currently hosting. We have iOS 13.1 developer beta 2 which is the one that we’ll be talking about. This was updated on September the 4th.

Apple also is still hosting iOS 13.0 developer beta 8.  We have two major betas overlapping each other, however, 13.0 has not been updated since August the 21st. As you may or may not know, Apple is soon to be announcing the brand new iPhones 11 on September the 10th. Usually, Apple would release iOS 13, in this year’s case a few days later. So on September the 13th or September the 16th, we could see iOS 13 be released to the world and the thing about it is we are still sitting in beta 8. Apple has yet to update iOS 13.0 even further. The software is nowhere ready to be shipped out. It’s very confusing that Apple continues to send out betas for 13.1 but yet no additional betas for 13.0 and the software isn’t ready for primetime and we’re getting very close.

While it isn’t out of the question that Apple could be releasing iOS 13.0 as the first official release for iOS 13, they really need to push at least another two betas in order to get this software running as it should. Right now it is just not ready for the general public. I have iOS 13.0 beta 8 running on my iPhone X max and there’s still some bugs. There’s incomplete software so Apple definitely needs to make a decision here, rather, they’re going to be releasing iOS 13.0 as the official first major release for iOS 13 or iOS 13.1 and this software isn’t ready either so I’m very confused.

It’s not out of the question that Apple could be releasing 13.0 because they are still hosting the software in their developer portal. 13.1 developer beta 2 came in at approximately 278 of megabytes from beta 1 to beta 2. I’ve noticed a few things right away. First up these sharing options are back so this is a great thing. On beta 1 we did not have all these share options populate properly so now if you go to share an image on iOS 13.1 developer beta 2 and we click on “Share”, we see that the actual sharing options are the way they should. It looks like Apple is working on the software in fixing some of the bugs.

The dark appearance in the Wallpaper options in Settings is something that’s also been not working properly on previous betas. If we go to “Dark Mode” and we enable Dark Mode and then we enable the dark appearance, the wallpaper gets darker. That feature is working again on the latest 13.1 developer beta 2. Something else I’ve noticed on iOS 13.1 developer beta 2 is that the folders in the dock and some of the widgets appeared to be slightly darker when enabling dark mode as well. This was just a quick first look at some of the quick changes and fixes within the software.

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