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Should you buy the iPhone 11 if you’ve got the 6/7/8/X?

by Tyrone Young

When iPhone XR was announced. A lot of people were really iffy about it from the lack of 3d touch, the single camera, the higher price and definitely the LCD display with the resolution just slightly higher than 720p.

There are also some other things that ended up giving it some bad press. But in the past year, it has really redeemed itself. The display was much better than expected and even though it can’t compete when placed side by side with an OLED it’s definitely one of the best LCD displays out there. Because of its lower resolution and larger battery than a Xs, it had the best battery life out of any iPhone.

I see people with iPhone XR way more often than with a Xs and this was confirmed when I stopped on my local T-Mobile store and the rep told me that the Xr out-sells the Xs four to one. That is crazy. There are many reasons for a success. A major one being that it doesn’t cost a thousand dollars. Even though I really like the 6.1 inch size and the battery life, there were a few things that really bugged me about it and forced me to use the iPhone Xs instead.

With iPhone 11, Apple has made a dramatic shift in strategy. There are the clearly visible differences but also some subtle ones that you probably didn’t notice.

There were a few sneaky differences between the iPhone Xr and the Xs that almost nobody knew about especially when buying.

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The first one was that the back glass of the Xr was made from a weaker glass material than the Xs and since the whole back is glass and it cost so much to fix that was definitely a downside.

The new iPhone 11 now uses the same exact class as the 11pro both on the front and the rear and Apple says that this glass is the strongest glass in any smartphone which gives more confidence in case of a drop. The iPhone Xs uses a gigabit class LTE chip but the Xr had slower LTE that was just named LTE advanced. Many people complained about slower speeds or weaker reception but the new iPhone 11 Apple has now included gigabit LTE in the iPhone 11 as well. The 11Pro still has better antennas but this upgrade is much appreciated.

Another major downside was that the single lens camera could only take portraits of people and only if their face was visible in the shot. If you want to take a cool shot of anything else, including a pet, you were out of luck. iPhone 11 fixes this and now you can take a portrait photo of just about anything.

I feel like if Apple didn’t add the ultra wide lens into the iPhone 11, it would be too similar to the iPhone Xr and the wide-angle lens was a smart choice since it’s more handy than having a telephoto since for that you can actually crop in especially with the new good algorithms.

Changing from iPhone 7 to iPhone 11

If you own an iPhone 7 or a plus and you weren’t willing to spend over $1000 for a phone upgrade you would have had to go to the iPhone Xr which many people wouldn’t want to because it has a single lens. It’s kind of a downgrade but now I think that most people would gladly trade that telephoto for an ultra wide lens and at the same time get much better photos including the new night mode which makes a huge difference in low-light.

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Now on to the biggest change in the price. I personally was shocked when they showed a lowered price $699 instead of $750 that just does not seem Apple like. Why in the world would they want to drop the price while at the same time making this a higher quality and feature-rich phone? Well they really want you to upgrade. Sales have been dropping as people are growing tired of rising prices and they’re holding onto their phones longer and some people are actually switching to Android phones because the competition is so strong.

But that’s not the only thing Apple is now becoming more of a service company instead of a hardware company. To feed the explosive growth that they are seeing in services they need people to buy more iPhones. They are even given away a free year of their new streaming service with every new purchase so if lowering the price of the iPhone gets more people to try it and get hooked then that’s exactly what they will do since this first year can really make or break the success of Apple TV plus.

Conclusion – Decision to jump into iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 in my opinion is the best value for the money iPhone in a long while and pricing it at a lower $699 will finally get a lot of people to give up their older iPhone and also sign up for services. The iPhone 11 does have some downsides such as no fast charger in the box but do keep in mind that it could still accept one. Anker just released an ultra small, low price, fast adapter for just $20 and with a certified cable you’ll get the same fast charging as the pros.

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