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Top 10 Fake Apple Pencils 2021 | Cheap and Good Stylus

by Tyrone Young
Top 10 Fake Apple Pencils(1)

Apple Pencil alternatives are very common these days. You can get one easily at a fraction of the price of the real apple pencils. When we say fraction it literally means fraction like one fifth to one tenth of the prices of authentic ones.

Check out our take on the top 10 fake Apple Pencils that you can buy today.

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Top Apple Pencil Alternatives

Top 10 Fake Apple PencilsFeaturesCompatible With
Logitech CrayonFast Charging;
Palm Rejection
2019 iPad and Above
Awavo Capacitive Stylus for iPads1.6mm POM Nib;
All iPad Models
Penoval Stylus PencilFast Charging;
Palm Rejection
All iPad Models
9th Gen Smart Active Stylus Apple Pencil CloneFast Charging;
Palm Rejection
All iPad Models
Meko Stylus PencilFiber Tip;
Disk Tip
All iPad Models
Adonit Mark Stylus PenMulti-touchAll iPad Models
Misfun PencilFast ChargingAll iPad Models
Gen 2 Smart Active Stylus Apple PencilFast Charging;
Energy Saver;
Palm Rejection
All iPad Models
Gen 1 Stylus Fake Apple PencilFast Charging;
Energy Saver;
Palm Rejection
All iPad Models
Suntaiho Pencil 2Magnet AbsorptionAll iPad Models

#1 – Logitech Crayon

To all iPads (2019 and so on), Logitech Crayon is a digital flexible and pixel-precise pencil that helps you to empower your creativeness.

Since Apple supports it, the Logitech Crayon operates well with your iPad smoothly. It also provides one of several best experiences of palm rejection that is much better than any of the cheaper alternatives of Apple Pencil.

The Crayon also gives an outstanding battery life of seven hours. By just 2 minutes of charging it, Logitech Crayon promotes fast charging, providing you 30 minutes of use.

Also, Logitech Crayon doesn’t hold much pressure in sensitivity. But, adjustments can still be done by simulating the pressure you’ll use.

Logitech Crayon fake apple pencil

#2 – Awavo Capacitive Stylus for iPads

The Awavo stylus is a great choice for those who are on a tight budget. This affordable fake Apple pencil works well with all iPad models because it does not require any Bluetooth connectivity or pressure sensitivity.

Although this fake Apple pencil does not offer many features as the actual Apple pencil such as pressure sensitivity or palm rejection, it’s one of the most precise drawing tools for your iPad. It is equipped with a 1.6mm POM plastic nib making it extremely gentle on your screen.

Another reason to consider buying this stylus is that it does not leave behind any marks or scratches when you use it. Also it weighs hardly 12.5 grams making it extremely lightweight and easy to maneuver.

It’s designed without any magnetic features so it can’t be placed on your iPad. But it does come with a nifty little clip that you can use to hold the pencil within your pocket safely.

Top 10 Fake Apple Pencils

#3 – Penoval Stylus Pencil

The Penoval Stylus Pencil is compatible with all iPad models and is smooth to use. This Fake Apple Pencil does not come with Bluetooth and will you require any driver software on the iPad for it to work. All you’d have to do is simply click on the power button and begin drawing what comes to your mind.

This iPad Pencil comes with palm rejection technology so you can comfortably rest your wrist and palm on the screen without worrying about it causing stray lines across what you’re working on. The nib on the Penoval stylus is a replaceable 1.5mm POM tip that offers no lag, scratches or breaking points but precise and accurate drawing and writing.

It even comes equipped with fast charge technology so you can charge the stylus for an hour and will be able to use it non-stop for over 12 hours.

Best Fake Apple pencil

#4 – 9th Gen Smart Active Stylus Apple Pencil Clone – Best Fake Apple Pencil

This is one of the most detailed Apple Pencil clone out there and the best part about it is that it’s compatible with all iPad models. It comes with a 45mm nib for smooth writing and offers impressive precision while drawing. Since it’s a replica of the Apple Pencil Gen 2, you’re able to magnetically attach it to your iPad Pro and wirelessly recharge it.

The Pencil uses a large capacity built-in battery and will take hardly 1.5 hours to recharge while providing you with over 20 hours of use time per charge.

The 9th gen Smart Active Stylus does not require Bluetooth to work and would simply need to be charged and used straight out of the box. You’re even able to charge the stylus using a Type-C USB cable. It is even equipped with Palm Rejection technology so you can freely rest your hand on the iPad and draw without having to worry about any stray lines.

Top 10 Fake Apple Pencils 2021

#5 – Meko Stylus Pencil

Like the Mixoo2-in-1 stylus, the new MEKO Universal Disk stylus features the two tip options which are a smooth input fiber tip and a more precise disk tip.

The not-quite smart stylus has no connectivity choice or a responsive pressure tip, but it functions without fail with all touch screen phones. And there is not an entire great deal of difference between Mixoo and MEKO styluses, your choice will rely mainly on your preference for grip.

Like the Mixoo stylus, the MEKO stylus has a rubberized grip, but on the thicker side, the body lays on that. And if you’re someone who likes a thicker pad, you’ll probably prefer the MEKO stylus than the Mixoo stylus. The MEKO stylus kit also contains two styluses and six replaceable tips that can be exchanged according to your needs.

Meko 2-in-1 Precision Series Stylus Pen for iPad

#6 – Adonit Mark Stylus Pen

The Adonit Mark stylus pencil is one of the best fake Apple pencils you can buy. It an extremely budget friendly pencil that is super easy to use and does not require you to connect it with your iPad.

It is an ergonomically designed Pencil that comes with a triangular roller tip design and is pretty durable. This pencil is compatible with a range of iPads and features an anti-roll design that keeps the nib right where you leave it.

The nib is made of a durable mesh material that provides you with a smudge-free drawing experience and has been built to last for a long period of time even with rough use. Since it acts as a stand-alone stylus, this product does not come with any sensors or magnetic charging strip.

Top 10 Fake Apple Pencils

Considering the price, you can’t expect to get much out of it. What I can say is that this is an extremely precise pencil that is perfect for those art students who are on a budget and can not afford the real Apple Pencil.

#7 – Misfun Pencil

The next fake Apple Pencil to be featured here is the Misfun Pencil. Not only does it have a similar look and appearance as that of the real Apple Pencil, but it is the only duplicate Apple Pencil to come with tilting sensors.

This tilting capability allows you to draw flawlessly on your iPad and reduce the chance of smudges or blurs forming. The sensor changes the outline thickness depending on how much pressure is applied while drawing.

The Misfun Pencil comes equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery that offers an astounding 20 hours of run time from a single charge. Simply, plug in the USB cable and wait for around 1-2 hours for the Pencil to get recharged.

What’s more, this Pencil comes with an additional nib in the box that can be utilized when your current nib has run its course.

Top 10 Fake Apple Pencils

#8 – Gen 2 Smart Active Stylus Apple Pencil (Latest)

The brushed aluminum frame and elegant, ergonomic nature of the stylus describe their aesthetics as an iconic multimedia device. The new unique stylus is intended to be a natural tool that is even more comfortable to use. A special thick grip model ensures that writing is smooth and relaxed, never feeling tired when being used. NO SENSITIVITY PRESSURE.

The electronic pen offers the precision you want and superior power and traction to tablet screens. It is associated with most capacitive-screened computers, such as Apple iPads, iPhones, Samsung tablets, smartphones, etc.

The iPad pen makes continuous use for 9 hours while in 60 minutes it is fully charged. After 5 minutes of inactivity, intelligent sleep and auto power off ensures energy savings, safety, and long life.

fake apple pencil 2

#9 – Gen 1 Stylus Fake Apple Pencil

Slim stylish and competent, it gives you a real sense of writing, a creative device unmatched by other strategies to work on a computer. Use your electronic device with ease and increasing its capabilities.

Integrating an ultra-fine pen point into the stylus allows you to pick tiny icons, tap on a small alphabet, and give you the exact choice. It has never been easier to write, draw and create material.

Unlock the artist inside! With a USB charging port and built-in battery, 10 hours of active use and only 1-2 hours of charging are possible. The pen will automatically switch off every 30 minutes with the smart power-saving feature.


#10 – Suntaiho Pencil 2

Another fine fake Apple Pencil for the iPad is the Suntaiho Pencil 2. This device is one of the best pencils to own especially if you’re on a budget and want features such as magnetic charging and anti-friction gloves.

This stylus is equipped with a 1.45mm extendable fine tip nib that lets you draw and write smoothly on your iPad. You can choose between replacing the magnetic cap and either switch it with the rubber tip or the soft rubber tip.

This Pencil is not only compatible with iPads but with every type of touch-screen device irrespective of the operating system. The product comes with a free protective bag, anti-friction gloves and extra nibs in case you wear out the ones you currently have.

Top 10 Fake Apple Pencils

Buying Apple Pencil Alternatives from AliExpress

AliExpress is still a better platform to go to for all these apple alike products. We do love this top store for all variations of fake apple pencils. Check them out!

Apple Pencil Alternatives with Palm Rejection

Fancy a stylus that solves the issue of palm touching?

fake apple pencils 2020

Click HERE

Not all iPads are compatible.

So check below to see if this pencil suits.

Only available for iPads launched in 2018/2019/2020/2021

Designed for iPad 6th Gen 9.7″ 2018 / iPad 7th Gen 10.2″ 2019 / iPad Air 3rd Gen 10.5″ / iPad Pro 11 2018 / iPad Pro 12.9 3rd Gen 2018 / iPad Pro 11 2020(2th gen) / iPad Pro 12.9 2020 (4th Gen)

Not applicable for

iPad mini 1 2 3 4 / iPad 2 3 4 / iPad 5th Gen 2017 9.7 “/ iPad Air 1 / iPad Air 2 / iPad Pro 10.5” / iPad Pro 9.7 “/ iPad Pro 12.9 1th 2th gen 2015 2017.


How Do I Check if My Apple Pencil is Fake?

If you’re using an Apple pencil on your iPad you can check to see if it’s fake by opening Settings > General > About and click on Apple Pencil. Check the model number of the pencil if it’s not registered then it’s most probably a copy.

Will a Fake Apple Pencil Ruin my iPad?

The problem with fake pencils or stylus is that there are chances of the nib damaging the screen. This will happen if the pencil or stylus you’re using is of sub-standard quality.

How Long Do Fake Apple Pencil Nibs Last?

Well, the average life-time of the original Apple Pencil Nib is around 4 months so the nibs on the fake Apple Pencils may last around the same time-frame but it depends on how often and how rough you use the Pencil.

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