Apple Airpods 2 Supercopy

airpods 2 clone

It is officially here guys the Apple earpods – official clone can you tell which one is real and which one is fake by looking at it I will tell you now you may probably will not notice which is real or which is fake but anyway it has been only about one month since the official Apple earpods has been released and the clone is already here and this is not just like any other clone this is the exact one-to-one copy.

Airpods Supercopy 1:1 Review

What that means is it looks exactly the same as the real deal and it works literally very close to the actual real Apple earpods – and what that also means is both of this actually has the h1 chip inside the real one has the real h1 chip and of course the fake one has two fake h1 chip both of them have wireless charging capability and both of them have to pop-up animation and both also have touch controls.

We love the pop-up display so it does feel exactly the same with the clone and with the original one now I have got to say the air parts clone community or market has been grown so so fast recently that some of the people and myself cannot even catch up to the latest trend.

It has literally almost the same feature as the official Apple earpods 2 h1 chip so anyway let’s go ahead and go on this side so on the real deal you have the Apple logo and same goes on the fake one on the back you have a picture of the official case and the earbuds and of course on the clone version you have the exact same thing now the writing right here are exactly identical and as well as the things that is written over here on this side you have another logo of the Apple same goes for the fake and on top you have the air parts.

The front they look literally identical both have the little LED light indicator right there and both lit or magnetic so when you open them you get this very good flappy sound and clicking filling when you close the lid now as you can see they’re both LED light indicator turn on green when you open the lid and they will power off.

They both use the lightning cable and on the back they both have a button at the exact same location and the real one has actually been using it for some time so you can see some residue or dirty around the button there but anyway the thing have two buttons the exact same spot now.

When I did a distance test in a completely open environment I was able to walk up to 145 foot away from my phone until it got disconnected as for the effect air parts – it did pretty good also with the latest Bluetooth version I was able to walk up to 142 foot away from our phone until it got disconnected which is very very impressive guys as for the audio quality and the microphone quality they are both at about the same level now.

There are some of the very very small little details that many other clones do not have now another thing that is very cool about the clone so this is the clone and this is the real deal right here guys so on the clone version they actually have yes you control just like the real deal however this is one thing that I really like about the clone better than the real air pod so on the fake version the touch sensor is right here on both ear buds and it is very easy to control so you simply tap the touch control wants to play pause pick up are in a phone call and tap it again to play pause pick up are in a phone call and to go to the next song all you have to do is touch on the touch sensor to time and to go to the previous song or repeat the same song touch on the touch sensor three times which is a lot easier to use then the real official ear pods.

airpods 2 supercopy

Aliexpress seller is selling a model that is 99% similar at around $30.

Click on the LINK here.

1:1 Supercopy Airpods 2

airpod supercopy gen 2

If you want 1:1 supercopy version, with serial fake number, designed by apple logo, check the below link.

Price: $39 for non wireless charging and $49 for wireless charging.

Click on the LINK here to access.

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Airpods 2 Supercopy Clone review

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