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Fake AirPods Pro Review 2021 | Best Fake AirPods Pro

by Tyrone Young
Fake AirPods Pro Review

Apple announced the AirPods Pro. These are AirPods with noise cancellation or active noise cancellation. They’re gonna retail for $329 Canadian dollars or $250 US dollars. You can buy them October 30th, but if you look at the design, it’s a bit different than the current AirPods, the case is a little bit wider, but the AirPods itself is a bit shorter.

Do you know now in China, the factories have replicated 95% similar AirPods Pro! However one last feature they are not able to copy is the 100% noise cancellation feature.

Today, let me take you through the Fake AirPods Pro Review and break down whether it’s better to invest in the actual thing or if it’s a good idea to go in for the clone.

It comes with 1562H, Bluetooth 5.2, 45DB active noise cancellation.

Fake AirPods Pro Review

Price: $64.39 (1562H chipset)

Price: $47.38 (1562A chipset)

An important point to note is these listings come and go fast. They cannot stay due to copyright infringement.

Stable Fake AirPods Pro with Noise Cancellation

Comes with everything you see below plus silicon earbuds and even Apple serial number. True blue 1! Super-copy. Top grade chip set which has one of the best connectivity so far!

The seller had sent us this AirPods Pro replica and it works amazing for us!

Fake AirPods Pro Review

New Features of latest fake AirPods Pro

The latest fake AirPods Pro uses the newest Airoha 1562H Chip 

45dBa Hybrid active noise cancelling that works like the original (IOS & Android) 

Original LOGO is displayed in reverse on the Magnet Lid (when you close the lid,the LED light will blink for about 5 seconds to check the availability of the AirPods) 

Top Quality 1:1 Original case with text transparency, similar to the original ( Compatible with iOS & Android) 

It’s equipped with 15mm Big Power Speakers, offers 12D super bass, comes with high-def noise cancelling microphone that makes you sound clear on calls, it even comes with an in-ear light sensor & pressure sensor.

It offers authentic original sound quality, pretty much the same as what you’d expect from the original AirPods Pro.

You are able to change your earbuds name 

GPS works and you’re able to find your earbuds *NEW*

Pop up window pairing (Open the lid, no need to take out the Earbuds)   

Android smartphone connectivity, similar to iOS with no drawbacks

Music Playback time offered is between 5-7hours 

These fake AirPods Pro supports Qi Wireless Charging  

You’re able to use the fake AirPods separately, you can choose between left or right and if you’re looking for a stereo effect then you can plug in both earbuds.

Additional features: Auto power on/off ; Previous song/Next song; ​Play/Pause 

AirPods Pro Review

Airpod Pro

These have a long base. The new ones have a slightly shorter base. For those of you who love the way the regular AirPods feel in your ear the new ones are gonna feel a bit different. These ones just kind of gradually sit in your earlobe. 

The new ones are gonna penetrate your ear canal in order to form a seal for passive noise cancellation. Now this is a good thing for those who didn’t like the original AirPods because they’re people out there where the regular AirPods don’t fit in their ear. They fall out, the new ones are gonna give you three different tips to work with.

So if you have small ears or big ears, the new ones should fit in fun. Battery life should be very similar to the current AirPods, they’re saying five hours for regular use or four to four and a half if you activate noise cancellation. And the way noise cancellation is going to work is exactly like the Solo Pros.

Fake AirPods Pro Review

I just read It’s gonna have a few different modes so you have active noise cancellation, transparency mode, which basically uses the embedded mics to amplify the environment so you can hear it. It’s using special algorithms and software to make it sound a lot more natural. Trust me. I’ve listened to some bad headphones where they do that and it just sounds atrocious.

They actually did a pretty good job with the Solo Pros, so I’m hoping that trickles down to the AirPods Pro. So just like the predecessor it has wireless charging it’s still using a lightning port if you wanted USB Type-C, we’re not going to see that for at least another year, but the one thing that’s very interesting is the H1 chip.

This is the exact same chip that’s inside the Solo Pros and the fact that’s inside the AirPods is pretty exciting. I was expecting this to be specific to bigger headphones, but it looks like the technology is able to fit in a smaller device. This is going to continue allowing you to sync up your AirPods with your phone as soon as you open the case. It’s going to make Siri even more powerful.

Fake AirPods Pro Clone Review

Fake AirPods Pro Review

So yes above are what the REAL AIRPODS Clone can do.

But what about the new released AirPods Pro clone?

It copies all features except noise cancellation! Appearance wise, it resembles 100%. Of course it comes with Apple logo and apple serial number on the outside of the box.

Stable Fake AirPods Pro going for –

Price: $64.39 (1562H chipset)

Price: $47.38 (1562A chipset)

Features of Super Copy AirPods Pro

You can use the audio share features so you can listen to music or a movie with multiple people sharing the same device and most importantly, the H1 chip is what active noise cancellation uses. Now, it’s not going to allow you to change the level of Noise cancellation. It’s just going to be an on or off feature but because it’s using algorithms to detect the environment on how loud it gets it should be able to adjust it naturally. This feature unfortunately is not available on The Clone version.

Now, I know some people would love to adjust active noise cancellation themselves, but I’ve used these guys, it actually does a pretty good job of blocking out most of the noise. I mean, they’re not as good as like ear cups
that completely cover your ear but they still do a really good job. I’m more curious to find out how the earbuds work because you have to remember these stick inside of your ear canal so technically you should have a better seal than regular headphones

But AirPods Pro Clone has NOISE CANCELLATION feature.

The real AirPods pro clone happen to be sweat and water resistant.When I mean water resistant, I’m talking about like splashes you’re not gonna be able to swim with these or anything like that.

But the AirPods Pro Clone has no water resistant feature

But there’s one cool thing there are featuring the ear tip test. This allows you to place the earbud in your ear to find out if it provides the best fit for your ear. If it doesn’t you can then switch it to a different tip to find out if that one makes the most sense.

Buying AirPods Pro Super Copy

Price wise is about $50.99. I know you will ask what is the difference between this and the $40+ cheaper AirPods clones.

Bear in mind how much you pay is always equal to what you get.

Those $20 plus AirPods clones you seen on AliExpress are rejected goods coming from the first few batches from the factory.

They were trying to make the outer design as similar as the REAL AirPods Pro so they were using the cheapest chipset – the CHARLIE chipset. Most of these you seen on AliExpress are not able to connect well. This is because connectivity is POOR.

This chipset is not stable and tend to drop off fast. On top of that the sensitivity of the earbud SUCKS too. It will receive unstable music play. These store comes and go so be careful!

We would strongly recommend this type of Super Copy 1:1 AirPods Pro version. (No noise cancellation though)

Stable Fake AirPods Pro going for

Price: $64.39 (1562H chipset)

Price: $47.38 (1562A chipset)

airpod pro clone dhgate


1. Name Change + GPS Positioning; 

2. Support a variety of wireless charging; 

3. In-ear Detection Smart Sensor; 

4. Support pop-up window(IOS), open the lid; 

5. 3 Batteries display; 

6. Upgrade the Bluetooth 5.0 chip, the performance is improved, 12 meters is not stuck & continuous; 

7. Left and right ears/single ears can be switched at will, breaking through the main rules of TWS headphones, so that each earphone can be used separately, and two earphones can be connected to different mobile phones at the same time; 

8. Squeeze sensor; 

9. Call to listen to songs for 3-4 hours, long battery life; 

10. Out of the box automatic boot / automatic pairing; 

11. Perfectly compatible with iOS/Android and all mobile phones; 

12. Noise Cancelling;

13. Transparency Mode;

14. Reverse Magnet Lid; 

15. φ 14.3 High Quality Speaker; 

16. Hi-Fi Stereo Super Sound Quality.

Stable Fake AirPods Pro going for –

Price: $64.39 (1562H chipset)

Price: $47.38 (1562A chipset)

Are Fake AirPods Pro worth it?

Fake AirPods are a cheaper alternative to their original counterparts. They offer everything you would typically get from the original AirPods sans the Noise Cancellation. They’re cheaper and worth every penny. There are numerous models available such as the 1562H and the 1562A that have proven to be extremely good.

Are fake AirPods Pro waterproof?

Original Apple AirPods Pro are not waterproof but do have a dust proof and splash resistant rating. The same thing goes with the fake AirPods Pro, they’re not waterproof and if they happen to get wet then they would get damaged.

Do real AirPods Pro light-up when in use?

If your AirPods Pro lights up at any point in time, they’re not authentic. Apple has not introduced any form of LED lighting in their AirPods and only the fake/clone AirPods will have faint lights that can be seen in the dark.

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