i1000 TWS vs i9000 TWS vs i10000 TWS vs i20000 TWS vs i30000 TWS Fake Clone Airpods Review

Today’s going to be a bit of a different kind of review. There’s been a lot of confusion going on in the clone marketplace at the moment. What with it? Sometimes it feels like there’s a new clone released every single week and a lot of people feel like which one’s the best; I can’t keep up.

There’s a new clone every week or almost every day which one’s the best I just want to know which one is the best one to buy. So if you want to answer that question then keep watching this video until the end and I will give you the direct no answer about what the truth is so this review is going to be.

About the I1000 2000 9000 and you know whatever number, I can basically think about what’s in front of me is the i500 tws and black and the I500 tws white. I also have just for comparison purposes off here to the side my own real air pods generation Wireless charge gen 2. As you can see on the back, the I500 tws they’ve both got the the frosted hinge and you know designed by Apple in California etc. I don’t really sort of want to waste a lot of your guys time.

This is basically how you make i1000 you take an i500 tws and you call it an AI 1000 there is absolutely zero functional difference and 0 chipset level and speaker level difference between an AI 1000 and then I 500 di 1000 is just a completely made-up name by Aliexpress or Alibaba or any of those Chinese sellers that name something new and a bigger number they always pick a higher number every single week.

The reason that they always pick a higher number is very simple – to trick you and to fool you into thinking that something has changed that something is new when it absolutely hasn’t changed when nothing has changed other than them calling an i500 TW s an i1000 TW s or calling an AI 500 TW s and I 2000 TW s there is absolutely no functional difference.

Some of the other chipsets that are made in these devices are real tech or some of the other chipsets that are a little bit on the cheaper side but Iroha is basically the premium level chipset that provides an experience that’s very identical to the real air pods you will usually find cheaper chipsets in air pod clones that don’t cost very much money so all this stuff that everybody is hearing about like the I1000, other two thousand of the nine thousand of the thirty thousand is 100% guarantee you guys that is completely full of BS; there is nothing different at all between them and the AI 500 because what they would have us believe is that we had the AI 100 and then maybe half a month later, we had the AI 200 and then a month after that we had the AI 500 and the big difference between the AI 500 and the ones that came before it was the I 500 had the Iroha one 536 chipset in it which drastically increased a battery life and gave it sound quality that was comparable and on par to the real Apple earpods.

What you will see a lot of people talking about is are the i1000 has skin sensor technology for the for the in-ear sensors there isn’t any skin sensor technology not even Apple has skin sensor technology all these ear buds have is infrared sensors to detect whether they are in your ear or whether they’re out of your ear this no such thing is skin sensor technology.

Some of the other some of the other models will also reference just made-up words like 6d sound like come on there is literally nothing that is 6d sound that is a made-up word like you can’t get 6d sound from an ear but it’s it’s just not even a real thing so all of the I guess all of the listings and the misinformation that seems to be around at the moment with regards to you know.

I think I even saw yesterday somebody saying that are there was the I 30,000 that was up for sale or something like that like to make it really simple because I’ve seen so much of this on so many YouTube channels. iTt’s unconscionably full of there is no difference whatsoever between the AI 500 here and whatever made-up name that any of these other Chinese sellers have tried to give their air pod clones they’ve just tried to name them something different so they can sell to you guys making you believe or tricking you into thinking that they are a new model or an upgraded model or there’s some fundamental difference but the honest truth is most of the time all these i9 thousands or I you know whatever they want to call them.

They usually have worse chipsets. They have worse speakers because they’re pretty cheap or what at the time the materials that they put into them are not very good and they give them higher model numbers to make you believe that because the model is a high number that it must therefore be the latest model.

I actually have to deal with and speak with the factories that make these chipsets from time to time. Some of the other companies that make these that make these devices send me information and updates or I understand a little bit better about what I’m talking about.

The Airoha 1536 chipset that is in these is the latest chipset that is available on the market currently there is no other chipset that is more new than the RRR one 536 chipset and the IEEE 500 has that chipset which makes it pretty much almost identical to the real air pods.

To some of the other chipsets that used to be popular in the past but they’ve had some difficulties in recent times were real tech which was another company that made a very good chipset the sound on real Tech was hmm was just a premium level sound the only problem was that real tech had great difficulty with manufacturing a chipset that was able to integrate than some of the new features like the pop ups that showed the left and the right ear buds and the ear sensors and stuff so real tech as a chipset that isn’t necessarily used as much anymore. Although the sound is arguably better than what’s in the air or hardship set but if you were looking for something that gives overall very good sound and overall has a lot of features and very long battery life what the i500 can offer is not comparable to any of the other klein reps that are sold. 

So if you’ve been seeing some other channels or some other sellers trying to convince you and say hey man like the I 30,000 is the latest thing I know you’ve heard me talk a lot in this video about how it’s all lies and etc and I know 100% that it is but the question that I would ask each and every one of you to think about is how logical does it sound that about one and a half months ago we have the I100 and the I100 was like the latest thing the latest released in the marketplace and they’re only one and a half months later.

If you are genuinely looking for the latest chipset in the market place at the moment, it’s the arrow I536 which is only found in five hundred TWS. like I said, apologies it’s been a bit of a special video.  This one I haven’t really done sort of a review. I have done other reviews on the I500 in Prior videos which you can look at but I just wanted to clarify for everybody because all this I one thousand ninety thousand stuff it’s a it’s a repeating cycle of lies and misinformation which is told by all these Chinese sellers that have YouTube videos claiming every week there’s an I50,000 or something.

It’s just lies and massive amounts of misinformation to sell you guys the wrong things and convincing you that you need to buy something new every single week.

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