Best Mini Wood Lathe UK

Best Mini Wood Lathe UK 2022

If you’re someone who specializes in creating smaller and more intricate woodwork, a full-sized lathe is not going to work for you. Here’s where the mini wood lathe comes in. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced woodturner, a good mini wood lathe is often the best option available for woodturning. 

Not only are they cheap, but they are practical to use, they’re smaller and they will allow you to work on almost anything from wooden bowls, table legs and even small sculptures.

If you’re venturing into the art of woodworking for the first time, then it will definitely be difficult for you to pick the right wood lathe to use. The secret here is to understand what is currently available in the market and what to look for before buying a mini wood lathe. 

So without further ado, here’s my take on the best mini wood lathe UK.

  • Proxxon Micromat DB250 MICRO Woodturning Lathe
  • Wood Turning Lathe Holzmann D460FXL
  • T-Mech Mini Wood Lathe 1m
  • SEAAN Mini Wood Lathe 
  • Axminster Craft AC370WL Variable Speed Mini Wood Lathe
  • Draper 60988 300mm Mini Wood Lathe

Best Mini Wood Lathe UK

You might be wondering, what is the best mini wood lathe you can buy today.

Well, in my opinion, the best mini wood lathe available right now is the Proxxon Micromat DB250. This mini wood lathe is extremely lightweight, pretty power efficient and is able to work on different sized blocks of wood. It runs at speeds of 1000rpm and 5000rpm which can be controlled using the electric speed controller on the device.

Let’s take a look at the best mini wood lathes in the UK.

Proxxon Micromat DB250 MICRO Woodturning Lathe

Best Mini Wood Lathe UK

The Proxxon Micromat DB250 is a reasonably priced mid-range wood lathe that comes packed with a bunch of features that justify its price tag. This 2.7kg Proxxon mini wood lathe runs on 220 – 240V and consumes 100W of power making it pretty efficient and economical.

It comes equipped with 6 different sized collets allowing you to work with a wide range of wood pieces. The sizes of the collets provided are 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 10mm. 

Apart from this, the Proxxon Micromat has 3 center distance swing over supports where the center distance can be adjusted for 25mm, 40mm and 250mm wood blocks. The bore measurements of the headstock spindle and the tailstock are 10mm and 20mm respectively so you can expect to work with smaller pieces or wood.

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In terms of speed, this mini wood lathe can run at 1000rpm and 5000rpm which you can control with the help of the electric speed controller on the device. 

It’s lightweight and easy to useComes with a 2-pin EU plug
Comes with an electric speed controller for non-stop speed control
Equipped with multiple collets
Headstock spindle bore permits you to use small pieces of wood to create intricate designs

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Wood Turning Lathe Holzmann D460FXL

Best Mini Wood Lathe UK

The Holzmann D460FXL is an electric powered wood turner that runs on an average voltage of 230V and consumes around 550W – 770W of electricity. It comes with a center height of 153mm allowing you to work with a piece of wood with the diameter of 306mm.

The center distance can be adjusted between 457mm and 550mm allowing you to work with pieces of wood approx 44cm and longer. 

There’s a speed gauge that can be adjusted to tune the speed continuously. You’re able to adjust the speed to the following revolutions; 650 – 1450rpm; 1250 – 2800rpm and 1600 – 3800rpm.

The Holzmann D460FXL is not a lightweight mini lathe and weighs around 33kilos. You can expect to work on intricate designs thanks to the narrow 10mm tailstock bore and 50mm tail spindle. There are other interesting features such as it comes with a faceplate, a 4-side grab chuck, a life center and a long & short tool rest.

It comes equipped with an extendable bedSlightly expensive
It has a turning diameter of 306mm
Easy to uses and as 3-speed ranges

T-Mech Mini Wood Lathe 1m

Best Mini Wood Lathe UK

The T-Mech mini wood lathe is another great mid-range choice that comes with some pretty decent features making it worth the price. It runs on a voltage of 224-240 and consumes the least amount of power than other lathes listed on the page. 

This unit measures around 1 meter thus allowing you to work on wood pieces that range between a couple of cm to 1m in length. 

As compared to Proxxon, the T-Mech mini wood lathe does not offer continuous speed and comes equipped with an adjustable speed control allowing you to configure what rate you’d like the spindle to spin. You are provided with the following speed options – 810rpm, 1180rpm, 1700rpm, and 2480rpm.

With this model, you can easily create a range of wood products that have a diameter of around 350mm. The T-Mech mini wood lathe comes equipped with a couple of add-ons such as a set of 6 chisels that you can use along with the lathe.

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Energy consumption is lowNo continuous speed control
Capable of cutting wood up to 1m longCould have been a bit more powerful
Capable of working on pieces of wood that are 350mm in diameter

SEAAN Mini Wood Lathe

Best Mini Wood Lathe UK

The Seaan mini wood lathe  is the perfect device for benchtop cutting, engraving, milling, grinding and polishing. Not only is it ideal to use with wood, but you can use other materials such as plastic, eggshell and soft metals on it.

This kit was designed for DIY enthusiasts and comes with a 6-piece engraving set that allows you to work on small pieces of wood (sizes lesser than 30mm x 30mm x 120mm). It’s powered by a high-performance copper motor that is equipped with an aluminum alloy protective cover allowing heat to dissipate rather quickly. The speed of the motor can be adjusted to one of the 7 speed levels that range between 4000 – 8000rpm.

The Seaan mini lathe is rather small and portable making it best suited for personal use and not commercial. This kit even comes with 6 chisels that can be used while turning and carving your block of wood.

Affordable and easy to useBed length could have been improved
Works with both AC and DC power sources
Comes with continuous speed control
Numerous functions to use

Axminster Craft AC370WL Variable Speed Mini Wood Lathe

Best Mini Wood Lathe UK

The Axminster Craft AC370WL is a powerful and durable wood lathe that’s made from cast iron and comes equipped with a whole range of features making it extremely worth every penny. It offers a center distance of 1.1m, allowing you to use pieces of wood that are up to 1.1m long. 

The center height is 185mm that can be extended to 370mm , you will be able to work on relatively larger wood pieces and not just the small ones. Here, the headstock is not fixed in place and will move along the axis of the bed allowing you to set the headstock in the manner you find comfortable.

Apart from this, the Axminster Craft AC370WL uses a spindle system that permits a continuous variation of speed with 10 levels to choose from and along with the 4-leg stand, you can rest assured this mini wood lathe is extremely stable.

Multiple uses, can be used on tables, benches and even the floorIt is over expensive
Supports a spindle up to 1.1m
Can work on pieces of wood up to 370mm in diameter
Flexible headstock and tailstock

Draper 60988 300mm Mini Wood Lathe

Best Mini Wood Lathe UK

The Draper 60988 is a workbench mini wood lathe that functions at variable speeds. This mini wood lathe is made from cast iron that improves its durability and reduces the vibrations you might feel when operating a mini wood lathe.

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It’s equipped with a long and short faceplate that measures 150mm and 50mm respectively. Ideal for workbenches and DIY projects, the Draper 60988 uses a swing-over bed that’s 200mm in length.

There is a no-volt switch which is a safety feature that prevents it from getting damaged from power surges and runs on 230V of electricity while consuming around 250W of power. The Draper 60988 is not meant for everyone to buy as it’s pretty pricey, so stick to something affordable if you’re a beginner.

It is easy to use and runs on variable speedsExpensive to own
Comes with a power surge protector / no-volt feature
Bed length of 200mm is pretty decent

Buyers Guide

While searching for the best mini wood lathe in the UK, there are certain things to keep in mind such as the swing, motor power and even if they come with variable speed settings. These factors will determine whether you’re picking the right one that suits your needs.

Here’s what we looked at in order to compile this list of the best mini wood lathes you can buy in the UK.

  • Swing & Center to Center – The measurement of the swing will determine the diameter and length of the wood block you can work with. These numbers are normally represented in the form of measurements like 8” by 10”. Where, the smaller number will indicate the distance between the spindle and lathe bed (diameter of the wood block) and the larger number will indicate the distance between the spindle centers (length of the wood block).
  • Motor Power – It’s ideal to pick a lathe with a performance motor. This will limit the stalls in case you’re working on hard or knotted wood. Pick one that has a higher HP (horsepower) so you get through every kind of wood block with ease.
  • Stability – The more stable the wood lathe is, the more accurate your turning will be. Due to their size, mini wood lathes tend to be more unstable than their larger counterparts. Some manufacturers have taken this into account and have either added a cast iron base to the lathe or placements t o bolt your lathe to a table.
  • Portability – One of the reasons you are in the market for a mini wood lathe is primarily because it’s easy to move and is compact in size. If you don’t have the right amount of space in your workshop then a mini wood lathe will do the trick.
  • Power Consumption – Another important factor to consider when buying a mini wood lathe is the amount of power it consumes when in use. Check the power rating on the device you wish to buy, it’s ideal to pick something with a power rating lower than 100W as they wouldn’t drastically increase your electricity bill.


Whether you’re planning on turning bowls or sculptures, mini wood lathes will solve all your problems. There is a mini wood lathe out there for every kind of DIY enthusiast and this list highlights the best of the best available in the market.

While picking a mini wood lathe UK, make sure to always keep an eye out for the power consumption of the device, motor capacity, weight and swing measurements to determine if the wood lathe you’re looking at is the right one for you.

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