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Facts about the Apple Watch

by Tyrone Young
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Apple Watch is a smartwatch that was created by Apple and was launched in April 2015. Apple will release three different collections of Apple Watch, featuring two case sizes spread across 34 individual models with interchangeable rist straps. The different collections include the sport version made out of aluminum, the common apple watch made out of stainless steel and the Apple watch edition made of eighteen 18-karat gold. The rist straps will be made of Plastic; Leather or Stainless steel.

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It has a pressure-sensitive touchscreen that can be used to scroll or zoom and uses the new Apple S1 processor. All versions of the Apple Watch have 8 Gigabites of storage, which allows the user to store up to 2 Gigabites of music and 75 MegaBites of photos. The watch has battery life of up to 18 hours and then it must be charged using a cable. The watch can only be used to its full capacity when it is paired with an iPhone and is only compatible with the iPhone 5 or later models. The two equipments can be connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 4.0.

Only then can it perform many of its functions and apps. When the Apple Watch is paired with an iPhone all tracks on that iPhone are playable from the Apple Watch. It is also capable of receiving phone calls and texts messages via the iPhone. Apple built-in many fitness tracking and health-oriented capabilities and also included a new voice assistant named Cal. The Apple Watch will already work with Apple Pay, and its capable of storing tickets and loyalty cards and can even work as a walkie-talkie and give directions throw its Maps app.

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The price ranges from three hundred and forty nine 349 dollars for the sports edition, to seventeen thousand for the apple watch edition.

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